Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feeding Myself....

I know that Bridger is probably a little old to finally be allowed to feed himself with a spoon, but I really hate how messy meals are.

Last week Scott just gave him a bowl of yogurt and a spoon and you would think that Bridger had been using the spoon forever... he knew just what to do.

It has been the best thing ever, he will sit there for hours, slowly eating. His favorites right now are... yogurt, apple sauce and oatmeal.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy 18th Birthday McKenzie!!!!

McKenzie is my first sibling that I actually remember being born.
I remember that I wanted my mom to have a girl so, so bad
(as I did every time that she was pregnant).
My mom knew what she was having but she wouldn't say. Although... the nursery was obviously for a girl and the closet was filled with obvious girl clothes, not to mention the "It's a Girl" announcements that I found!!!!
I also remember that we got to go sleep at Chantell's house on a school night, I was so sad that my mom came home after one day.
It seems like McKenzie has always been the nicest and most sensitive out of the sisters. Which can be a bad thing when your sisters are me and Autumn, but it is refreshing to have a sister that is always quick to say sorry.
She is also such a good aunt to Dakota and Bridger.
They especially love when she comes to babysit and brings her boyfriend Chase.

Happy Birthday McKenzie!!!

a little something from Dakota....

Dakota wants to write on the blog, so here he goes..... dddddddddddccccccccsssssss d tttkooaaaa.

This is a story for Noah, Hunter and Daniel...... by Dakota (I am typing his word for word)

Dinosaurs eat some guys and then the beast ate him. Then the mean dinosaur was dead. Then the guys hurt the dinosaur.

The pirates killed the bad pirates,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..ooowwwsssszzzzaatttttttt

Now I told him that he has to do a nice story.......

The camera took pictures of the good, bad, dinosaurs. Then the big bad dinosaur ate the camera!

Now a story about friends.....

Asher and Landen took my toys and took them home and played with them xxxxxxxxeeefff,,

the end.


Dakota has been acting so naughty lately, and I can never get him to stay in one spot for time out... but last night I finally came up with a good place.

And as you can see it does the trick. All he has to do is fold his arms and sit there for 4 minutes.... but for some reason it just doesn't seem that easy to Dakota!!!!

He especially doesn't like it when I take pictures and threaten to show them to his uncles.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i HATE!!!

Can I just tell you that I hate, hate, the word "HATE" when it is coming out of Dakota's mouth.

I think that I might just use the word a little too freely because Dakota has been on a kick of saying that he hates me.

Yesterday he said it to me twice when we were with people. It was so embarrassing.

I kept telling him that.... so last night when Scott and I were just talking and about something,
Dakota interrupted us with "you guys embarrass me"!!!

We had a good laugh, but I still don't know what to do about the whole "hate" thing.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Daily Posts

I found a blog awhile back that I have been following where the mom blogs every single day.... and I am talking long, long posts that are enlightening and have purpose. Although time consuming, I think that it would be so cool to be able to do that.... I just don't feel like I have that much to tell about on a daily basis.

For example: today consisted of me going to work. Nothing big there, I had to float to our post-partum unit. That is right, I said "had to". No one really likes it very much so we take turns by writing down the date that we last floated, and then the person whose date was furthest back has to go. Yes... I am tempted often to right down a new date because I hate it so bad. Especially on a day like today when there was no one in labor and all the nurses that didn't have to float got to sit and read magazines and watch "The Office". I did get to go home a few hours early, so it wasn't so bad.

When I got home I informed Scott that it was time to clean up all the dog poop in the back yard that accumulated all winter long. Scott agreed and we got started.... I helped for about 10 minutes before I decided that I was cold and that it makes me sick to bend over so repetitively. So I told Scott that I was going to get the mail and then I came in the front door.

That is my day so far, anyone inspired or enlightened???? Didn't think so, as I said I don't think that the daily blogging would work for me.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

i just need a reminder....

I just needed to remind myself with these cute pictures that Bridger actually does smile, and I actually do like him!!!!

(of course I always love him)
It seems like he has been crying non-stop the last few days & it really is starting to make me go insane.
The last few mornings Scott has said "your going to have a fun day!!!" He can say it with a smile because he gets to go to work all day!
I don't know what is wrong with Bridger,
.... maybe he is mad because he can't sleep due to all the noise right below his room.
..... maybe he is mad because there is so much dust everywhere.
..... maybe I am just mad because there is so much dust every where!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

one of those days....

It really has been one of those days..... so so long & so so frustrating.

I woke up early this morning to go running, just to find that my ankle hurt worst than ever. Ahhh.... I am still so mad that I sprained my ankle.

We also have major chaos going on at our house right now. We are finishing the last of our basement and it seems like there have been workers in our basment non-stop... sawing, stapling and jackhammering. I have to try to keep Dakota out of the basement because he gets his tools out and tries to help them. Plus, it is impossible for Bridger to take a nap with all of the noise. Not to mention that the entire house is covered in dust that it coming out of the vents. (side note.. I am excited and grateful about finishing the basement, but I just didn't realize the process.)

At 1:00 I took Bridger over to Maggie's house so that I could go get my ankle x-rayed. Thanks again Maggie. I convinced Dakota that it would be fun to go see my skeleton so he came along. We walked back home to get the car just in time for the computer guy to drop by speakers for the new computer (which I am also super grateful about... the lap top was not doing so good).

As I was leaving he informed me that our lap top, which he was going to clean up and then give to Scott to use for work stuff, got stolen out of his car yesterday. Oh good, so now some random person has all of our pictures and everything else that was on the computer. Good thing that it is minutes away from crashing.. suckers!!!!

Next we went to the insta care in American Fork just to find out that they don't take our insurance. So we went to the one in Highland, just to find out that they had over an hour wait. Luckily they were able to make me an apointment with one of the family docs at 3:45.

So back to Maggies we went. Oh, did I mention that the whole time we were out Dakota cried that his stomach was hurting and made me carry him in and out of every where????

All that work to get my ankle looked at, just to find out that there is no break, only a severe sprain that will probably take 4-6 weeks to heal. AWESOME!!!!

I finally got home a little after 5 and was happy to find my house empty. I started on dinner just in time for my work to call me in! (yuck, I hate being on-call). Scott was no where to be found, so back to Maggie's we went!!!

And here I sit at work... the unit is slow enough that I have time to blog yet busy enough that my ankle is throbbing. Hmmmm... can't wait for this day to end!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monster Jam!!!!

Finally.... something really fun to blog about!!!
Friday night we took Dakota up to the Energy Solutions Arena to see Monster Jam.
Dakota loves Monster Trucks and Thursday night I saw a commercial advertising for the event and decided we just had to go, and I am so glad because we had a BLAST!!!!
I was so impressed by how big the trucks were and how LOUD they were. We only lasted about 10 minutes before I went on a mission to go get some ear plugs.
Dakota had so much fun.... I didn't think that his attention span could last through the whole thing but we stayed for the entire show.
Dakota especially loved the Monster Truck called "Aracnaphobia". It had skulls on the side and a big black widow on the front. It really wasn't one of the bests.... but he could care less!
Every once in awhile it is nice to get to spend some quality Mom, Dad & Dakota time!!!!
(Bridger got to spend the evening at Grandma's which he of course enjoyed)

Dakota's Favorite
Monster Mutt, Scott's favorite
Grave Digger, my favorite & the winner!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Valentines has been so much fun this year... a lot of this had to do with Dakota and how cute he has been with the holiday. He has been so excited to make cards (or scraps of paper) and write random letters on them, then give them out to me and Scott. Obviously Bridger had no clue about the day, but was happy to find random candy that was left all over the house.

Last night Daniel came over and babysat so that me and Scott could go out. We went to dinner and then to see the movie "Valentines Day". I thought that it was pretty good, but I am not really one to expect too much from movies. We went to the Jordan Commons in one of their huge theaters and there was not an empty seat there.
This morning after taking Daniel home I came home to find our bed made (the best part) with super pretty diamond hoop earings and a box full of Chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite) sitting on the bed. I hate to ever be cheesy or mushy.... but Scott always does such a good job with holidays and I love him so much!!!!
Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Scott took Dakota out yesterday and let him pick out roses for me.... Dakota has asked me all day if I love my flowers, which of course I do!

Dakota got this "comfy frog" from mom and dad.... and Bridger got a "comfy (as Dakota refers to stuffed animals) Nemo".
On Thursday Dakota had his Preschool Valentines Party and he had a blast. He was even okay with getting a princess card from one of the girls in his class!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my little Fall....

Today started out like most mornings. Autumn came over so that we could cont. to train for our Half Marathon (which Autumn hates, no idea why she signed up).
Any way.... we were about a mile or so into our run when I twisted my ankle and fell so, so, so, hard!!!!
We were on the main highway that goes out to Saratoga Springs so I just crawled onto the side walk and seriously wanted to throw up. I told Autumn to run over to the nearby gas station and call Scott to come get us.
He of course did not answer since he didn't recognize the number. So my only option was to walk the mile or so home.
My hands were full of gravel, my knee was cut (although some how my pants did not tear) and my ankle was throbbing the whole way home.
I think that Autumn was secretly happy because she didn't have to run very far.
When we finally go home Scott was a little bit too amused, but he helped me clean up my battle wounds.
So....I spent the rest of the day limping around, with a massive size bump on my ankle.
Why didn't I just listen to Autumn and SLEEP IN?????

(these pictures aren't the best because they were taken with Scott's phone)

It is hard to tell, but my ankle looks like there is half a tennis ball inside.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Autumn!!!

Today was Autumn's 21st Birthday!!!! I helped her start her big day off with running (which she hates), but I was nice and we only ran 3 miles. Next, I went way out of my way and let her babysit for me (her favorite ofcourse).
Tonight my whole family went out to the Texas Road House Grill and then to our house for cake and ice cream.
Autumn, being pretty much the favorite child.... got completely spoiled. She got the cutest snowboard ever!!!!
I told her that for my 21st birthday I think that I got maternity clothes and a Boppy. She just laughed and said that I should have been smart like her and not gotten married yet!
It was a fun night.... Happy Birthday Autumn!!!

Dakota made a new "best friend" with the little boy behind us....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nothing New,

I haven't blogged very much this week because really nothing has happened blog worthy.
Dakota on the other hand, probably thinks that this past week has been the best week ever!
It seems like he has played with at least one friend every single day this week.... and there is nothing that Dakota likes more than playing with friends.
Every Tuesday afternoon I watch my neice and nephews while Scott's brother is at school. Dakota gets so excited to see his cousins. My neighbor has also been in the hospital due to pregnancy complications and so her little boy, Kenan has been playing a lot.
We also went to my sister-in-law's house so that Dakota could play with the "other Landon". He is so funny because he has been talking a lot lately about his cousin Landon and his friend Landen, calling his cousin "the other Landon that lives far away" (Spanish Fork). Stephanie and I were so happy because they played so well and had a great time.
Dakota is also big into writing and saying all of his letters. I have been getting him a bunch of the Leap Frog stuff and he loves it. His favorite letters are W and X. I have no idea why, but they are. The best is to listen to him sing the ABC's. "A,B,C,D,H,I,P,O,P,O,W,X,Z" isusually how it goes, and he always gets so mad when you correct him.
Sadly, I am not sure that Bridger had the best week. It seems that he can never catch a break when friends are over because he is always touching and breaking everything.
He really is getting so cute, I can barely stand it!!! He is mimicing everything and starting to do some animal sounds. Still not a lot of talking... but hopefully soon, I worry that all of my kids are going to be late talkers.
My new favorite game to play with him is "I'm going to get you". I crawl after him saying that and he only runs about 4 steps bfore he turns and lets me hug him. He also is obsessed with trying to go outside. This summer is going to be both so much fun, and so hard trying to contain him.
Probably the highlight of mine and Scott's week was getting a new matress! We have never had a comfortable matress and lately I can't even sleep on my side of the bed because I keep getting pulled to the middle. So I finally said enough is enough and off to Costco we went. Finally... some decent sleep!

Monday, February 1, 2010

on to February....

Like pretty much every holiday I love, love Valentines Day!!! I like hearts & I like the color red, and I just think that it is a cute holiday.
8 years ago was probably my worst Valentines ever.... Scott left on his mission on Feb. 12th. Of course I probably cried the whole day.
2, surprisingly short years later he returned on Feb 18th (another missed Feb. 14th).
So we actually didn't celebrate a Valentines Day together until we were married and every year has just gotten more fun.
Dakota is already way into it. Last night he cut out hearts for all of his friends and wrote random letters on them. He is so excited to give them out. There is one problem though.... one side of each of the hearts is for one friend (ie. Landen) & the other side he made for another friend (ie. Asher). So I am not sure if he has thought through how he is going to distribute them.
This is also a big month for Birthdays in my family. My dad, Daniel, Autumn and McKenzie all have February Birthdays. Scott's brother Jason does too. Every Sunday we are up at my parents house for cake and Ice Cream. Scott and Dakota love it!
On a SIDE NOTE: Scott never got too terribly sick.... or at least if he did, he kept it to himself. Once he saw that I was blogging about it, he stopped complaining!