Monday, January 30, 2012


With 2 crazy boys and a husband like Scott,
I guess that I should just plan on stitches being a part of our life.....

About 2 weeks ago Dakota and Bridger were wrestling in our family room when I heard a big bump and scream!!! I walked over and started giving my "see what happens when you guys mess around..." when I looked over and saw blood squirting from Dakota's head!!!

I hurried and pressed his blanket over it, and then tried to figure out what Bridger must of stabbed him with... I couldn't believe the amount of blood!!!

It ended up that he had fallen and hit his head on the corner of the rock fireplace.
I had been at work all day taking care of laboring patients,
so all that I could think to keep saying was "Take a Deep Breath"!
Obviously that takes care of everything.

After he finally stopped crying and the blood had stopped spraying, I went through our first aid kit (which was basically stripped clean) and put a abdominal pad on his head and wrapped it with an ace bandage. With blood all over his face and hair, the injury looked a lot worse than it was.

After a lot of convincing I took him over to the insta care where he got only 3 stitches and was so, so brave!!! We were the only ones there and he had a guy tech, nurse and doctor... who all treated him like he was the coolest boy in the world!

Monday, January 23, 2012

St. George Half Marathon

This past weekend we headed down to St. George to run another half marathon.
Scott's parents live down there during the winter so they helped out with the boys.
We ran this same race last year in perfect spring time weather....
this year we were welcomed with rain.
It ended up not being too bad and really didn't start down pouring until we finished.
My dad, Bobby and Rachel also ran with us......
and as shown in the pictures, Scott had a blast :-)
He really is a good sport and I love that he runs with me!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Last weekend we took Dakota skiing for the first time.
He was so excited and so nervous, but he ended up doing great!

My family was already up skiing at the Canyons, so my mom, Bridger and I rode the gondola up so that we could watch all of the action.

Me, Scott and the boys stayed that night at my parents condo and we had so much fun just relaxing and hanging out.

Dakota is so excited to go skiing again....
We were going to take him today because of the holiday,
but it ended up being a little to cold and windy :-(

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy 3 Bridger!!!!

I can't believe that it has been three years since Bridger joined our family....

Chantell helped me make this cute cake!!!
Bridger spent the whole day trying to dump the cake out
so that he could play with the dump truck!

We also celebrated Matt's birthday (he turned the big 2.3. on December 30th)

Bridger got this really cute Mater Trike, which he has gotten a lot of practice on
thanks to the unreal, warm weather.

Bridger also started Preschool today.
Learning Dynamics has a mini 3 class that runs the same time that
Dakota has his Kindergarten Enhancement class.
2 hours, twice a week.... all to my self, whatever will I do????

Sunday, January 1, 2012


I absolutely love date night nights with Scott!!!
That is why the ultimate New Years Eve activity includes dinner and a movie.
This year we had to make it a little early, because I had to work Sunday morning and our baby sitter had real New Years plans that started at 9 pm.
So we decided to go see the afternoon showing of Sherlock Holmes (loved it)
and dinner at Mi Ranchito!!!

When we got home we had a little party with the boys,
which Dakota insisted was dumb because we didn't invite anyone :-)
But I think that he still enjoyed staying up late.

2011 was a year of buisiness and lots of changes,
my wish for 2012 is that we can slow down and focus on what is important in life.

Happy New Year!!!!