Sunday, November 29, 2015

Color Me Mine

 For Dakota's "Friend Party" we went to Color Me Mine.  
It was so much fun and Color Me Mine does such a good job!!!
Each boy got to pick out an item to paint and we got to use their party room, watch a movie and eat cake and ice cream.  Plus they made Dakota with cute custom plate with each of the boys finger prints on it! Like every year... Dakota claims this was his best birthday ever!

Happy 10th Birthday Dakota!!!

It is so hard to believe that Dakota is 10 years old.... 
a full decade!!!
Dakota is one of a kind, that it is for sure!!! He is just like his mom and is packed full of so emotions!  One minute he can happy as a clam and with no warning he can rage like a shark!  His mind is always going a million miles per hour constantly with new ideas and projects that he wants to work on.  I love how creative he is!  Right now his favorite things are camping and hunting and he is constantly wanting to earn and save money so he can get more hunting/ camping gear.  

So of course we had to do a hunting birthday....  
The present that he wanted more than anything was a tomahawk.  I tried to bribe him with anything, even an IPAD!!!  But he would not waver and was set on getting a tomahawk!!!  All of the grandparents seemed extremely nervous about his prized gift, as was I when I looked at it before wrapping it!!!  Now the goal is to make it to 11 with both eyes and all four limbs!

Dakota got his very own 2 man tent from my mom and he and Bridger have slept in tents in the basement every night since!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Halloween/ Birthday Party

We had our annual Halloween/ Birthday party at our house this year.
I turned 31 and Noah turned 13!
Costumes and Cake did not disappoint!!!


This fall Dakota played on his 4th Lacrosse team and I think this ended up being his favorite season.
The fall is kind of slow for lacrosse (with lots of kids playing football) so they ended up combining teams and being Lone Peak/ American Fork.  At first Dakota was a little hessitant because he claimed that he hated American Fork... but after seeing a lot of his school friends at practice he was excited!!! This year was especially fun for him because he was asked by his coach to be one of the goalies.  This is actually really stressful for me because I feel like there is so much pressure, but his coach worked with him a lot and by the end of the season he was doing really well.  Hi last game was my very favorite because he did awesome as goalie and scored a goal!!!  
Can't wait to see him play in the spring!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Garth Brooks

AMAZING...... need I say more???

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Halloween started off with our annual Haunted Half.... 
after 6 years in a row, I think it is a family tradition!!!!
Having Halloween on a Saturday really is so nice.  We had a pretty relaxing day and then got on trick or treating early.  Dakota wore a MORPH suit again and Bridger was a super scary zombie.  He actually had a crazy mask that I was not a fan of, so I hid it last minute and convinced him to let me do makeup.. which I think turned out pretty good!!!!  The boys of course had so much fun and got way too much candy!

Reese on the other hand was sick with a cold and diarrhea.  She did do a little trick or treating which she had a love hate relationship with.  She loved getting the candy, but just could not keep up with her brothers.  She also got super upset if she would go to a door and people were not home.  She would also randomly walk into people's houses :-)  I think next year will be her year, but she was an amazingly cute butterfly!