Wednesday, September 25, 2013

the Timpanogos Summit!!!!

A few weeks ago Alicia and I were talking about how we really wanted to hike to the top of Timp. before it gets too cold.  We decided to pick a date and get a group together.  
Because of schedules and kids, it ended up only being Alicia, me and Liz, but our group of three was perfect!  We could not have picked a better day, the weather was gorgeous.   The whole hike took us about 8 hours, and surprisingly the down hill took just as long as the up
(I think we were a little tired by then).  

The best part of the trip was when we passed an older gentlemen who was headed down.  He was 71 and says that he hikes to the summit 4 times a week!!!  He told us he doesn't like the gym and it is a great way to stay active.... I would say so!!!

It was such a fun day of nonstop girl talk... I would love to do it again this year!!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Half Ironman Relay

Last month I participated in the Utah Half Ironman again,
but this year I got smart and did it as a relay.

A few weeks before I was really wanting to do something fun.... 
I hadn't done as many triathlons this year as I had wanted to and was kind of bummed.
Somehow I thought of the idea to do the Utah Half and sign up as a relay team.  
Each part is still really long, so it is still a fun challenge.  
One of my friends that I did it with last year is also pregnant (I am pregnant for those who don't know) so I knew she would probably be interested in doing a part.  She is an awesome runner and her friend Laura is an unreal swimmer.
 Combined, I knew we would have a great team.

It was so, so nice to only have to worry about the bike portion of the race. 
(I hated the swim and run last year)
It is an awesome 56 mile bike course with minimal climbing.  I was able to meet my time goal and our team as a whole did great! 
I was so greatful to Jenny and Laura for doing the hardest parts of the race :-)

I rented some really cool race wheels that made all of the difference
(at least in my head they did!)

 The following weekend Autumn convinced me to do a triathlon at 7 Peaks.
I was a little hesitant because the order was backwards...
run, bike and then a swim in the wave pool :-)
It was fun, but it ended up being supper hard... the run was steep up hill!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Primary Program

Today was our wards Primary Program, 
so of course the boys had to rock some cute new outfits!

Bridger had a speaking part and did great.  He was the only one in his class, so I thought that he was going to be super nervous.... but he walked right up to the pulpit and said
 "Heavenly Father knows each of us by name."  

I was so proud of my handsome boys!!!