Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My little Ski Bunny!!!!

After about 20 years of Snowboarding I started skiing again this year and loved, loved it!!!!!
I don't know why I spent so many years strapping in and falling off the lift when I could have been standing up and skiing down the mountain all along!!!  So many lost years :-(
I am not sure that my family was thrilled with my new enthuseasum for skiing because every chance we had I was wanting to ski.  I really did go at least 15 times this year!!!
My dream is for our entire family to be able to go skiing and not have to find babysitters, so I may have rushed Reese a little bit.  One day when it was nice and sunny I checked the boys out of School, along with noah and headed to Sundance.  I sent them up on the lift for a few hours and rented Reese some skis and hit the rope tow.  Her skis were the cutest thing ever!!! The guy at the shop said that he had never fit such small skis....  As we hiked up to the rope tow, Reese just kept saying "my skis, my skis!"  After one time down the slope she was chanting " no skis, no skis!"
Hopefully better luck next year.... at least I got some cute pics of her hanging at the lodge eating a Snickers!!!!

Easter 2016

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Biking Babe

This little girl has loved her birthday bike!!!!
It seemed like no time at all and she was picking up her feet and trying to balance.
Every time I open the garage door she runs out and jumps on her bike!!!

2 Year Old Pictures

Getting pictures of Reese is near impossible and basically pointless....
It's shocking how difficult she can make photo shoots.
I was so excited to get her 2 year old pictures taken.  I spent weeks planning her outfits and even took her to my hair dresser the morning of the pics.  We were there for around an hour and a half and ended up with 3 pictures.  She did everything from run away to lay on the ground and bawl!!!

As it got close to Easter, I really wanted to get Pictures of Resse with some bunnies.  I decided to have her wear her Easter Dress and go casual with her hair and I was glad that I didn't put too much time into it because the minute we got there she started crying and being difficult.  The poor lady taking them was trying so hard and all I could think was just bring out the Rabbits lady!!!!  

Luckily we got a few cute shots, and we still love her to death!