Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hawaii, part 5

 I am finally getting back to finishing blogging about our Hawaii trip.
Now when I look at all the pictures I really miss it and wish we could go back!

 We did some surfing one afternoon. 
 It was my first time, and all that I could think of the whole time
 we sat on the boards and waited for waves,
 was what type of shark that might be waiting to eat me!!!

 This was our award winning rental car.  
We got it for a sweet deal at "Island Rentals" and every where we went
 all of the locals knew exactly where our car came from.
It sounded like a race car and could barely start.... but it made it through the trip!

 How big is this SALAD????

Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter & St. George

This year we spent the Easter weekend in St. George with Scott's parents.
The weather was awesome and the boys had so much fun.
We did a lot of hiking and swimming.... 
plus we brought our bikes and Scott and I were able to do a fun ride up snow canyon.

On our last day we went to Fiesta Fun!