Sunday, January 17, 2016

Snow Fun!!!

It takes a special type of snow to be able to build a snowman and the boys are always so excited when we get "Snowman Snow"... especially Bridger!

Christmas 2015

Christmas was a success and everyone seemed happy!!!!
Like always, Dakota reported that it was the best Christmas ever!
Dakota's favorite present was his Blowdart Gun (which shoots incredibly fast, maybe too fast)
Bridger's favorite was his remote control Raptor, 
and Reese loved her kitchen!
I get so excited and then Christmas is over so fast.... only 365 days until next year!!!!

Christmas Eve 2015

After going and seeing Star Wars we got home and took treats to all of the kids church teachers and then got right to our Christmas Eve festivities....
We started with opening PJ's.  This year I just got the boys "comfy clothes" which they were thrilled with!  I was so excited to see Reese in her American Girl jammies which of course came with a matching pair for her doll.  We then got in the car and hit Starbucks for hot chocolate to drink as we drove through the Thanksgiving Point Lights. After we got home we had a nice little fancy dinner and fondue dessert.  
We started a new tradition this year that I absolutely loved.  12 days before Christmas Dakota wrapped up 12 Christmas books that we have collected over the years (most are from Scott's mom).  Each night we opened and read a book.  Dakota especially was always so excited to open a book each night and  it always brought a good spirit into our home.  
After opening our final book the boys set out cookies and were off to bed.  Surprisingly they fell asleep pretty quick and Scott and I didn't have to stay up too late!

Patterson Family Breakfast/ Gift Exchange

The last few years we have started Christmas Eve off with a big breakfast at our house and then done our gift exchange.  It makes it nice because then everyone gets to spend Christmas Eve night with their families.  This was the first year that we actually did a cousin gift exchange now that we have Sloane and Parks.  The kids (mostly Dakota and Bridger) were so excited and loved it!!!!!

After a lll the gifts were opened we stuck with a long standing tradition and headed out to see a movie.  This year we saw the new Star Wars movie.  The boys are not into Star Wars at all, but I think that they were surprised how much they liked it.  It was a fun start to our Christmas Eve!!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Park City Weekend

A few weekends before Christmas we took the boys for a little overnight get away to Park City.  
We went Skiing, out to dinner, shopping on Main Street and ice skating.
Although we just love our little Reese, it is always so nice to go out with out her.... 
toddlers at restaurants are just rough!!!  

Bridger was especially excited to see Santa at the Pizza Noodle!!!!
Sometimes I forget that we have do have a child that actually believes in Santa and he kept asking me when he could see Santa and tell him what he wanted.

A random book store on Main Street was covered in cats... literally cats everywhere!

 Such a fun weekend with fun memories!!!!