Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bridger turns 6!!!!

On January 5th, Bridger turned 6!!!!
He is getting so old, I can hardly believe it....
I feel like Bridger has grown so much over the past year,
he started kindergarten and is doing so well,
And he has gone from being the baby of our family to being the best big brother in the world.  
Every time he gets home, the first thing that he asks me is "where is Reese?"  and if she is asleep, he is always so so sad :-)
This year Bridger wanted a Minecraft Birthday!!!
He started the day off with a big breakfast with his favorite... BACON.
After school he got to go shopping at the Lego Store where he spent all of his Christmas and Birthday money on Bionicles!!!  Then we ate pizza in the food court and picked up his special Minecraft cupcakes from Dippidee.  
Bridger chose Chili for his birthday dinner and had a lots of friends and family over for his big night. 
His big present from mom and dad was Roller Blades which we used later in the week at Classic Skating.
So happy Bridger is in our family!!!!

 Matt and Bridger always share a Birthday Party and 
I feel like we have about a million of these classic fireplace photos.

(even though this picture is blurry... I still love her open mouth smile!!!)