Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas

I am so sad that Christmas is over and now we have to wait
another 11 months to start over.
I really am like a little kid this time of year....
and this year did not disappoint.

The boys were so much fun...
especially Dakota who is just like his mom, loving every aspect of the season.
He was so cute to help me set everything out for Santa, and he could not have been more excited to wake up Christmas morning and see that Santa had come.
Bridger started out excited, but once he had a few Tractors and Dump Trucks,
he was ready to play and be done with the nonsense of opening presents.

When all the presents were opened I was surprised and the lack of fighting that occurred about going to church
(we did have to let them take a quick spin on their scooters in their church clothes).
I really liked the fact that going to church helped us stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas.... It is so hard with all of the buisiness to keep it in focus.

It really was a wonderful day,

Dakota thought of the idea to make the cookie plate look like a smiley face.
the little cheerios with chocolate chips were cookies for the elves.

Thanks to help from Chantell, I found these super cute Santa Bags,
Which were more for me than the boys, who I don't think even noticed....
but I loved them.

The boys got these light savers in there stockings, which have lead to many injuries since.

Everytime that Dakota saw Santa this year, he asked for more Trash Packs. I told him that he would probably just get a few in his stocking, but at the last minute I decided to get a whole bunch and put them in a big box.

After Dakota went through his stocking he didn't say anything, but as the presents ran out he started to get nervous and asked if I thought Santa forgot.

Some how it worked out that the Trash Packs were the last present he opened and he of course was so excited!!!!

Scott got me these UGG boots with built in socks and I absolutely loved them!!!

Even the Dogs got presents, which kept them quiet and busy all day long!

Merry Christmas.... onto a new year!!!!

the nativity

Every year Scott's mom dresses the grand kids up for a live nativity.
Even Scott's 16 year old nephew is expected to participate.
Maybe I am just biased,
but I thought that the shepherds stole the show.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1st Anual Patterson Progressive Dinner

Every year in December Scott's family has the tradition of doing a progressive dinner.
We do appetizers at one families house, salads at the next, then the main course and then we end with dessert at the last house.

Thanks to Bobby and Autumn getting married this past year, we finally were able to do our own progressive dinner, and it was so much fun (much to Hunter's surprise, who thought that it was dumb to do all of the driving.)
Just as fun as all of the eating, was seeing everyone's houses all done up for Christmas!

We started at Autumn's house were she had Chili's chips and salsa... and also some yummy spinach and artichoke dip that Matt's mom taught her to make.

Then off to Bobby's were they did soup.
Bobby and Rachel got a real tree this year (which is new to our family)
and I think that everyone thought it was pretty cool.

We had the main course at our house, and I did Turkey and Cranberry cersaunt sandwiches which turned out super yummy.

We ended the night at my mom's house for dessert and gingerbread houses
(which was taken very serious this year.)
Gingerbread houses are something that I really struggle with....
I always dream of making this amazing house,
but for some reason I can just never pull it off.
Dakota and Bridger get way into it, so it is always fun
despite my not so awesome house.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

the Kindergarten Polar Express

On Dakota's Last day before the big Christmas Break, they had a
Polar Express day at school.
The best part for Dakota was wearing his pajamas... he hates getting dressed.
All of the kids rotated through the different kindergarten classess,
each representing a different part of the story....

1 room was the refreshment train,
1 room had them making snow flakes and then they had a snowball fight,
and our room was the bell room.

Needless to say, all of the kids had so much fun!

That same week Dakota also had his School Christmas Program.
I didn't get close enough to get any good pictures during the program, but Dakota looked so handsome and did such a good job!