Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Break

 We were super boring this year and stayed at home for Spring Break.
Scott was really busy with work and I had to work a few days too.  I was nervous that I was going to go crazy with all of the free time, but we filled the week with a lot of fun activities.

On the day that I worked, Dakota went to "Science Camp" and the Natural History Museum. 
He learned all about rocks and geology and informed me that it was the best day ever!
We immediately signed him up for a week during the summer!

Bridger spent the day with the Finlayson's and the lucky boy got to go to the Zoo!
When I got home from work, he talked non-stop about all the animals.
He especially loved the monkeys and the peacock!


 One day went with friends in our neighborhood to see a Lego Exhibit at the  Kimball Art Museum in Park City.  The pieces were unreal!!!! 
It is amazing what you can build with just legos....
After the museum, we all went out to Pizza on Main Street.  
Having 6 boys all together was a littler chaotic, 
but everyone seemed to have a fun time.

My favorite day of Spring Break was spent skiing!!!
Alicia, Connor, Dakota and I went up to the Canyons and enjoyed every minute of the warm weather (although the snow was not the best...)!
I was so impressed with Dakota's skiing ability.  He is getting so good!!!
I have never taken him without Scott and was a little bit nervous,
but the day turned out perfect!

These 2 were so cute together,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

March Races,

Last month we went on 2 different trips,
for 2 different races....

1st we headed off to Moab where I did the Moab 1/2 Marathon 
with a group of girls in my ward.
I was really excited because we had been training hard and did a treadmill class that is supposed to help with speed.  I was ready for my fastest time ever....
but the rolling hills and flat ending prevented me from reaching my goal :-(
Now I just want to sign up for a nice down hill, canyon run.

The rest of the weekend was a blast!  We rented a condo with the Finlaysons.
We filled our time with lots of hiking and great restaurants!!!

 The next weekend we went to St. George for Tour Del Sol Bike Race.
It was a 2 day, 3 stage race...
and it was like nothing I had ever done before!!!!
The first stage was a time trial, 
which consisted of 12 miles going as fast as you can, no help from anyone.
When we pulled up, I seriously wanted to turn around and go home, I was so intimidated.  
There were teams of bikers warming up on trainers and everyone's' bikes were unreal.
I did okay on this stage, but immediately after wished I would have pushed harder,
plus I didn't place very well.

The 2nd stage is called a CRIT.
You basically just go around a big track in a group for 30 minutes.  
I only had one goal for this race.... Stay with the group and don't get dropped!!!!
Because you are on a track, everyone can see you,
and it is very obvious how you are doing.
I was so nervous to have Scott there.
It ended up going really well and I placed 6th!!!

I still have a lot to learn, 
because in every picture I look like I am in last place going around the turns....

The final day and stage of the race was a 40 mile road race.
I had ridden the course before and knew that there were a ton of hills, but I felt ready.
A couple miles in there was a big hill and at the top, my chain fell off!!!!
I was devastated. I felt like I would never be able to catch up to the group and the thought of doing 35 miles by myself made me want to cry :-(
I had no choice, but to fix my chain and then ride my butt off!!!
Thanks to pure adrenaline from the fear of being last, I was able to catch up to Alicia and we worked together the rest of the race and ended up finishing 5th and 6th!!!

The race was so much work, but I had so much fun!!!
I am so lucky to have moved next door to Alicia 
so she could introduce me to the awesome world of biking, 
and help me every step of the way!