Sunday, July 31, 2011

Overnight with DAD

While I was running my race this weekend, Scott took the boys on an overnight camp out.
Scott woke everyone up at about 6 am to go set up his spotting cameras and the boys didn't even complain. Scott just wrapped a blanket around the three of them and headed up the mountain.
They all had a great time and I enjoyed my little break!!!

AF Canyon & Timp Half Marathon

Last month Scott and I ran the AF Canyon Half Marathon. It was so much fun and course was super easy!!! We did it in our best time by far.

When I heard about the Timpanogos Half and that it was the same course I just had to do it. So yesterday morning my dad and I ran the Timp Half. It was pretty cloudy and humid which is not the best for running, but we still had a lot of fun.

I know that a lot of people would say that it is crazy to call running fun.... but I love the feeling that you have after you finish. Plus, then I feel like I can just eat what ever I want that day and nothing is better than a guilt free cupcake. :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

less than one year &....

SCOTT will be 30!!!!

that is right.....
last weekend Scott turned 29, wholly cow!
To celebrate just him and I went camping and hiking to set up his scouting cameras. It ended up being a huge ordeal because there was so much snow still in the mountains (not typical for July).

After we got home, we finished off the day with taking Dakota to go see Transformers 3.
I was already prepared for how long it was... so I was actually surprised that I liked it!
It did help that Patrick Dempsey played one of the bad guys :)

Scott said it was the perfect Birthday for him because it was low key,
he can bet that his next one will entail a big party to say goodbye to his 20's!

There was seriously so much SNOW!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The other day we were standing in line at Smith's and Dakota insisted that I take his picture next to this M&M..... next thing I knew Bridger wanted out of the cart to join in.
I probably looked like a weirdo taking my kids picture like we were at Disneyland, but oh well.
These boys are just too cute.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Disney Land !!!

I can't believe that I am just barely getting around to posting these pictures,
but better late than never I guess....
The first week in June my entire family (minus Bridger) went and spent the week at Disney Land!
We stayed at the Disney land hotel and did nothing but rides for 4 days strait!
This was Dakota's first experience with Disney Land and I would have to say that he had a love/ hate relationship with it. The first ride that we took him on was Space Mountain. He was so excited and jumped right on! After words he seemed a little bit nervous and said that it was dumb. The next ride we went on was Tower of Terror and it was all over from there. He basically spent the rest of the the trip asking repeatedly if the ride was going to fall, or if it was dark. He cried hysterically through the Haunted Mansion.... but he did enjoy all of the more child friendly rides and talks constantly that he wishes we could go back!

Friday, July 1, 2011

bow and "eanows" & the new house....

These days, it seems like our life has been completely focused on
planning and building our new house.
Scott has been doing a lot of work himself and has been spending every night and weekend there. It feels like when he was in school and gone all of the time.
Dakota has not minded at all. He loves going over to the house with Scott and wants to be there with him every minute. During the day he even makes me drive over there to make sure that Scott is not secretly working without him :)

We love the area that we are moving to, especially Scott and the boys...
the other night we went over and shot bow arrows in the back yard.
Scott loves how much open space there is,
Finally.... no more angry neighbor calls that Scott has shot a hole in their fence!!!!
For some reason, Dakota can not remember that they are called arrows....
her instead refers to them and his bow and eanows...
Bridger is going to be just like Dakota, he loves shooting with his dad.

how can you not love this picture of Dakota just freely peeing.... :)