Monday, May 16, 2011

Krispy Kreme

At Dakota's request,
last week I took the boys to Krispy Kreme.
The boys love to go and watch them make the doughnuts and at 11 on a week day morning the place is usually empty so the boys just run around and eat doughnuts.
It is the perfect outing before Bridger's nap time.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day

Last week Dakota had his Mother's Day program at school.
He was so cute... he refused to sing me any of the songs that they had been working on before because he said it was a surprise.
Normally he never sings, and just sits there, but this time he, along with the rest of his class sang at the top of his lungs!!! I was so proud :)

I had to work Mother's Day weekend, but when I got home from work I found these beautiful roses and a jewelry box that Dakota had made for me.

My mom got me these flowers for my front porch...
hopefully I can keep them alive and well all through the summer.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tee Ball

This year Dakota started playing tee-ball with other kids in our new neighborhood.
He is also lucky enough to have his dad for the head coach!!!! Scott was a little hesitant about doing it at first, but I think that he has really enjoyed it and Dakota loves that his dad is the coach!
They play 2 games a week and they consist mostly of Mad Chaos. My mom came to one of his games and said that she couldn't tell if it was baseball or football (because of all of the tackling taking place in the out field):) Every time the ball is hit, every kid on the entire team runs for the ball. Sometimes even kids that are supposed to be running the bases leave and run to the ball. It is entertaining to say the least!

Coach Dunn and Morales serious at work....

Dakota picked number 13 because it was the biggest number!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Las Vegas

This past weekend Scott and I headed off to Las Vegas with Chantell and Raymond for a little getaway. We went to see John Mayer and Keith Urban and just to have a break from the kids. Our trip basically consisted of two things......
Eating & Laughing,
and we did those non-stop for 3 days.

The eating really was insane!!!! No matter where you go.... the portions are huge. Then throw a couple of buffets in the mix and hello insane amounts of weight gained.
I felt so much better being home yesterday and back to eating normal.

Look at this Doughnut from Serendipity!!!!
The frozen hot chocolates was also amazing.

We stayed at the Trump hotel and spent one day just laying out by the pool.
it was a little windy, but still really hot.

One night we went to the Buffet at the Wynn and I don't think that Ray and Scott's stomach will ever recover to normal size. They just kept eating and eating and eating. The crab legs were my personal favorite.

These were the boys dessert plates.....

The concert was so much fun!!! Our seats were pretty good, and I could have had some awesome pictures, but while going through security I was informed that my camera lens was too big and I had to check it at the front desk. :(
We had so much fun, it was hard to come home.....
but I missed Dakota and Bridger and was excited to see them,
even though they didn't seem to miss us at all!