Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween this year!
Opposed to last rainy, Halloween, the weather was beautiful, and the boys are at an age where they can really get into the holiday.

For the Halloween Party and my mom's house, Scott and I were Angry Birds!!!
Fun, but the beaks really got in the way.

On Sunday we had my family over for dinner, and I decided to get festive with my cooking. Chantell helped me find these pizza ideas on pintrest and they ended up turning out so cute.
To make the Frankenstein pizza, I just dyed the cheese green. I thought that everyone would love it, but most of my brothers were hesitant to eat green cheese.

I also made some really yummy apple cider in the crock pot. I told Dakota that it was a Witch's Brew, and he had so much fun adding all of the ingredients and waiting for it to bubble!
For example, the cinnamon sticks were actually skeleton bones... super scary :)

For some crazy reason, I agreed to be one of the room mom's for Dakota's class this year... and of course me and the other room mom were in charge of the Halloween party.
It turned out good and all of the kids had so much fun, plus I think that Dakota really liked having his mom there.

Our old ward always did a truck or treat, so we have never really been too serious about trick or treating, but our new neighborhood is all about it.
Dakota was so excited, and asked all day when we could start.

Once we got going, Scott decided to join us instead of handing out treats... After we were about a block away I asked him if he thought one of us should go back to hand out treats?
He said we were covered, because he just left the basket on the porch!!!
I of course was so mad, and needless to say,
by the time I got home the basket did not have one item in it.
I told Scott that he needed to explain to each trick or treater why they were getting hard, old taffy!
Oh well, lesson learned!

The boys loved trick r treating this year. They seriously ran from house to house. Unfortunately for Scott, Bridger got tired about half way through and wanted to be carried from house to house!

We ended the night by going to dinner at Kneaders!
What a fun day...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Half Marathon

This morning Scott and I ran the Halloween Half Marathon. I love this race!
It started up above Sundance and ended by the Riverwoods, so it was a lot of down hill. This is really nice while you are running, but crazy painful after. I hardly ever get sore and today I feel like I can hardly walk! My dad, Rachel and Maggie also ran with us.
This was Rachel's 1st half marathon, and she did awesome.
The best part of the race was that Matt and Autumn drove us up to the start. We didn't have to get up too early and we got to sit in a nice warm car until the race started.
Definitely the way to go!

Island Park, ID

Last weekend we headed up to Island Park for Fall Break!
The Morales Family came with us and we all had so much fun. As you can imagine, it was constant craziness with 4 boys running around,
but we did get some grown up time in and played a few games.
We spent one day in Yellow Stone. Ray's step dad is a ranger there so he was able to tell us where to go to see the most animals. Like usual, we mostly just saw Elk and Buffalo!
The weather ended up being really nice too, chilly, but no snow or rain!

As per tradition, we stopped at Big Judd's and shared a dinner plate sized hamburger.

After having my car for a year, we finally pulled out the head phones. It was so nice not to have to listen their movies the entire trip.

Scott and Raymond did a little bit of fishing, but only caught one fish. The boys didn't care and spent most of the time collecting sticks and throwing things into the river.

My favorite Place in Yellow Stone is Mammoth. They almost always have herds of Elk. We had so much fun watching the Males run around trying to guard all of their females.

Bear World!!!

On our way to Island Park we stopped at Bear Wold!
It really is the best way to see all the animals that you can see in Yellow Stone up close and all at once. Driving through the bears was awesome, but I think that the boys especially loved the petting zoo part. There are also a few rides with absolutely no lines!!! Perfect for anxious little boys.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Carving,

Last night for family night we carved pumpkins with Chantell and Ray and the boys.
I am not a huge fan of carving pumpkins... it is just so messy,
but Dakota is obsessed!!! He did everything him self and insisted on cutting his own faces out.
The pumpkins turned out super scary looking!!!! I especially liked the white ghost pumpkin.