Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to School, 2013

Both boys went back to school this week,
Dakota started 2nd grade,
& Bridger started his last year of preschool.
Both boys were super excited and not nervous at all!!!

Dakota didn't have any friends that he knew in his class this year, but a boy gave him a mechanical pencil on the 1st day and according to Dakota, they are now best friends!
Bridger is lucky and has 3 of his best friends in his class.
(his teacher may not feel as lucky :-)

After school today we headed to Cal Ranch to look for some cowboy gear for Dawson's upcoming cowboy birthday this week.  
The size difference between these 2 boys will forever be unreal!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Over the summer the boys did 3 sessions of swimming lessons.  That equaled out to every day for 6 weeks!!!!  It was totally worth it and the boys made awesome progress! We were lucky enough to have our next door neighbor teach lessons at an amazing pool in Alpine.  Brittani swam for the U last year and this year will be swimming for BYU.  The boys loved her (even Bridger, who was very hesitant at first...) 
At Bridger's first lesson he was a little hesitant to even get in the water, let alone put his face in, but by his last lesson he could jump off the diving board and swim the full length of the pool! I was one proud mom and hated having to miss any of his lessons.  Dakota is already a great swimmer, but lessons this summer really helped him work on all of his individual strokes.

Park City

The Deer Hunt started last weekend.... so while Scott was gone, my mom and I took the boys to Park City!  We spent a whole afternoon at the Park City Ski Resort doing the Alpine slide, the coaster and all of the other fun activities they have there.  The next day we spent shopping at the outlets and just hanging out.

The Provo River

 One thing that I really wanted to do this summer was float the Provo River.
A few weeks ago my mom and me took Dakota and Noah down the river.
We had so much fun!!! It was a combination of hot weather and freezing cold water.
Dakota managed to fall in twice and was pretty brave about it. He thought that the rafts with paddles looked a lot more fun, but I was happy to just sit, float and relax. 
The water was actually really calm and I would love to go again before it gets cold and take Bridger and Scott!