Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Day at the Aquarium

I obviously can't watch two kids....

Yesterday we went to the Aquarium with Chantell, Landen & Dawson.
Like always, the boys had so much fun together.

Two of a Kind

Everybody is always telling me that Dakota and Bridger look so much alike, but I just can't see it until I look at some of Dakota's baby picutres. Can you tell who is who????

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bridger's 6 Month Pics

How cute is this picture????
There will be more to come,
Bridger just got pictures yesterday.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun at the POOL...

Lacey and I took the kids to the Lindon pool last Friday and had a blast!
We are so lucky to get to live close to some of our friends from high school. Scott's friend Ryan and his wife Tami and there little boy Oliver live a few blocks from us. Maggie lives two doors down with her two boys and Lacey, along with her little girl and baby boy live a few blocks away. We have so much fun hanging out and letting our kids play (eventhough they often fight).

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott!!!!

Scott is not a big fan of Big Birthdays, so we kept it pretty low key for his 27th birthday.
I made his favorite dinner, Lasagna (which I hate making) and got him a yummy raspberry bread pudding from Kneaders.
Friday night my mom watched the boys and we went out for Sushi and to Cabelas.
We also went and saw TRANSFORMERS. I slept through most of the movie, but Scott loved it and that is all that mattered. It is always nice to have a reason to go out just the two of us!
Dakota and I had everything set up for Scott when he got home from work.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Welcome Home Bridger!

We were finally able to bring Bridger home on Monday and boy was he happy to get his IV out.
The final diagnosis that we were given was Reactive Airway Disorder, which basically means that we do not know what caused his lungs and airways to close up. The doctor says that he either had a allergic reaction to something or had an asthmatic reaction. I am trying not to worry too much about it and just keep trying to get him better.
Today he is finally starting to seem more himself. He is back to eating like a piggy (7 oz at a time) and moving all over the place. I am still doing breathing treatments with him, but only one a day opposed to every few hours at the hospital. We are just so happy to have him home. Scott called the whole thing a big reality check, because you never think that your kid could get that sick. Evethough I don't think that Dakota had a clue what was going on other than the baby had bandaids, he is happy to have baby Bridger home and like usual, will not stay out of his crib.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our SICK Little BOY....

We have had a rough weekend to say the least!!!
It all started Friday when I noticed that Bridger was kind of stuffy and seemed like he was breathing fast. He already had his 6 month doctor appointment on Monday so I wasn't sure if I needed to take him, but I decided not to wait the whole weekend. They said that he sounded like he could be having an asthma attack or a respiratory infection. Either way they gave me a machine to do breathing treatments with him at home to help open up his airway.
He did okay through out the night so he went to my mom's Saturady morning while I went to work (Scott was camping with Dakota). I kept calling to check on him and my mom informed me that he didn't want his bottle. I knew that something was wrong because Bridger never turns down food so I made another doctor's appointment.
Scott got home in time to take him. While in the waiting room, his lips started turning blue!!!! When they checked his O2 saturations they were only 77 (you want at least over 90). The doctor immediatly put oxygen on him and rushed him over to the Emergency Room at American Fork Hospital. It was then that I got a frantic call at work from Scott to come meet him. After getting his breathing somewhat under control they tested him for Pneumonia, RSV and Influenza, all of which came back negative.
They admitted us onto the pediatric unit, and that is where we currently are. They still do not know why he is having problems breathing, luckily he is doing better today and has been off oxygen for a couple of hours now. He is still working hard to breath so we will be here until at least until tomorrow. Hopefully we will be able to figure out what the problem is.
Getting a breathing treatment by one of the awesome RTs!

Mom and Bridger
I have to admit that it has been very frustrating being the mom and not the nurse. Working on labor and delivery, when problems occur you fix them, and if you can't, then you do a c-section. I hate not knowing what is wrong and how slow it is taking to fix it. Every nurse, doctor and respiratory therapist that comes in has a different opinion of what is wrong. Luckily everyone has been really nice and super sweet with Bridger. Although I am getting a little bit sick of all of the comments of how big and healthy he is. I get it.... he is a fatty!!!!

Big bro Dakota!!!
He has been staying with
Grandma and Grandpa (he refers to them as Mama and Pocpoc)
and uncle Noah (Rara), Hunter and Daniel, having the time of his life!


Landen and Dakota are always so cute together.
Scott and Ray (Chantell's husband) took the boys camping this past Friday night. They had so much fun fishing and hanging out by the camp fire.
Chantell, Me and the babies got to have
a girls night of shopping and Cafe Rio!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lehi Days Parade

In support of our ward we went to the Lehi Days mini parade a couple of weeks ago. Dakota thought that it was okay, but he was most excited about getting a snow cone!! I hate to admit this, but this is actually the first picture ever taken of the 4 of us. We are getting family pics the end of next month, so there will be more to come.
This is our ward above!

This ward did an amazing job

Bath Time with Bridger

I feel bad because it seems like Dakota is the one that I will always be blogging about due to the fact that he is always doing stuff....
but this post is just for Bridger!
He is starting to roll all over the place and he is able to sit pretty well.
I am excited for him to crawl because I think that Dakota will love it,
but I am sure that I will only like it for a day or so, once Bridger finds the stairs!!!!

He is a pretty big fan of the bath,
eventhough it doesn't show in this pic.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The 4th of JULY!!!!

We had a really fun 4th of July this year. It started with my dad, Autumn and me running in the Freedom Days 5K in Provo. Scott loves that my dad has started running because I know longer nagg him to run races with me! The rest of our day was spent cooking, we decided to go all out. I found this flagg cake recipe in a magazine and was determined to make the entire thing from scratch. It was really good. Scott wanted to make ribs just like Tony Roma's and he suceeded. They were awesome!!!! My family came over for fire works along with Maggie and Joseph (who live three houses away). Dakota loved the fire works and is already excited for the 24th!!!!

Grandma and Bridger, who is always making the funniest faces!!!!!

Me and my amazing cake!!!!!!!