Saturday, July 21, 2012

Echo Triathlon

This past weekend I completed my first Triathlon.
I have never really even thought about doing one, but some of the friends that I have made in our new ward do them and I couldn't resist trying one.
Of course I convinced Scott and Autumn that they had to do it with me.

We did the sprint course (750 meter swim/ 12 mile bike/ 3.2 mile run)
at Echo Reservoir near Park City.

I was so nervous about the swim, for good reason... it was so hard.
I felt that I had trained well and had swam in Utah Lake a few times, but it did not prepare me for the panic that I felt with so many people swimming at the same time.  It felt like I was swimming so slow.
Scott felt the same way about the swim and I think was happy to hear that I struggled too.
The biking was my favorite part and I was able to make up a lot of time lost during the swim.
Running felt okay, but I had wanted to go a little bit faster.  Scott on the other hand did awesome in the run.

I ended up finishing in 1hour 29 mins, which was second in my age group!!!

 setting up our transition area.....

getting the wet suits on is quite the process

Scott obviously had a FIRE lit under his butt 
when he did the run!!!!

I had to post all of Autumn's pictures together, 
because she always looked so happy and so cute!
She just had a good time.
We couldn't get Matt to do the tri with us, 
but it was nice to have him there cheering us on and taking pictures.

I had to take a picture of these 2 guys....
after finishing they started hugging and crying.
Secretly Autumn and I wanted to do this :-)

We spent 2 night in Park City at my favorite hotel the Newpark Hotel by the outlets.
Adam and his girlfriend Kelsey came and met us for dinner, 
which of course made the night amazing!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012


It's hard to believe that Scott is thirty!!!
I remember when I met him he had just turned 19 and that seemed so, so old.
But... back then I remember thinking that was HOT and I feel the same way about the big 30!

I have the hardest time planning Scott's birthday every year.
He does not like to be the center of attention and  it is hard to keep present secret from him.
I always imagined doing something big for his 30th birthday, but Scott insisted on keeping it simple.

We had everyone over on Sunday for Banana Splits (Scott loves ice cream)
On Monday (his actual birthday) he went golfing with some friends, 
and then he and I went to dinner a Tucanos.

Boring.... I know!!! but I was able to pull of an awesome surprise present.

Scott has been wanting a hand gun for a long time,
 so I told him I wanted to get him one for his birthday.
He said not to because the next weekend was
 Friends and Family at Cabelas and he wanted the better deal.

I decided to go down to Cabelas and look at the gun he wanted.  I called Scott to see which one it was and I told him that they no longer had it and you can't special order for the Friends and Family.
All weekend, he and my brother in law Matt talked about how sad it was and that it just wasn't meant to be.

Secretly, I had bought it and put it on lay way for this weekend!!!
On his birthday I wrapped up a picture of the the gun and some bullets.
I think that it is the first time that he has sincerely been surprised about a present! 

the Driving Range

A few weekends ago we took the boys to the driving range.
Dakota has really been getting into anything that his dad does, 
and it is so so cute!!!!