Wednesday, April 30, 2014


We had a really nice Easter with everyone being happy with what the Easter Bunny dropped by! 

I think the most exciting surprise the boys got were 3 little baby ducks. Scott has been wanting some all winter long and they seemed perfect for Easter. Dakota named his Skye, which led to Bridger naming his Ski and Reese's is named Peices (get it.... Reese's Pieces) They are super cute, but they are messy and stinky!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Pinewood Derby

Last night was Dakota's 1st Pinewood Derby!!!! He and Scott worked so hard for the last week making a "Bronco" Themed car. So much goes into it, I don't know what I would have done without Scott taking charge!

The first time down the track Dakota's car took 1st place!!! Then they called a repeat because something wasn't working with the scoring.... I wanted to turn into a full on soccer mom because that was not fair! I decided to hold it together, and even though he didn't win... He still had a great time!

Random Scout pictures....

Monday, April 7, 2014

Pizza and Smoothies....

I had to make rolls yesterday and saved some of the dough so the boys could make their own pizzas. This is one of their favorite meals and they have tons of fun with it too!

Bridger's newest obsession is smoothies! He wants multiple a day, but the good part is that he loves putting spinach and carrots in them! In fact, he insists that he has to have "leaves" in order to make them. At least one of my boys is healthy! I am quite certain no vegtable has ever touched Dakota's stomach :-)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

1 month!!!!

This cute girl is 1 month old today!!!! So far (I say that so I don't jinx us) Reese is such a good baby!!! The first 2 weeks were rough at night, but once we moved her out of our room and into hers, things have been much better for everyone. 

This week she has been going to bed at about 10 and sleeping until 4!  Only having to get up once a night is a dream. 

It seems like no one can get enough of her... Me included! There is a constant fight at our house of who gets to hold her. Dakota can't keep his little hands off of her.  We are constantly telling him to leave her alone, but I have to remind myself that he just loves his little sister!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reese's Birth Story,

Working at the hospital that you are delivering at can be a great thing, but it can also make you go a little crazy.  When the doctor told me that we could set up my 39 week induction I began obsessing over the doctor's call schedule, the nurse's schedule and most importantly.... anesthesia's schedule.  After all of my planning and obsessing, my blood pressure ended up going up about 37 weeks and I was told I should probably be induced at around 38 weeks.  In the end I just had to choose a day and hope the other things would work out! ( I really don't know what I would do if I just went into labor and had no control :-)

So Monday March 3rd ended up being the day!!!
They had me come in at noon, which was awesome because I was able to send the boys off to school and then go get my nails done before heading to the hospital. 
 Right away there started to be some hiccups... My nurse (who is super experienced and one of my friends) had a hard time getting my IV in and then getting blood drawn.  After that, one of my doctors came to break my water and couldn't do it!!! He finally decided to put a scalp electrode on the babies head with the hope that would make a big enough hole in my membranes to do the trick.  After about 2 hours I had the anesthesiologist come do my epidural... it went in great and I was happy that part went smoothly!  A couple of hours later I was around 6 cm and started hurting again.  I tried all of the tricks that we tell people, but finally decided the Doctor should come back and re-dose my epidural. When he came in, he realized that he had never hooked it up, so I had gotten the initial dose but nothing after that!!!  He of course felt so bad, but it could just be attributed to the "nurse curse".

By then my doctor had come over after clinic and checked me, I was still a 6 and had been for hours.  He also said that my cervix was swelling.  Once everyone left the room and Scott went to get food, I just had to get a cry out.  I tell people all the time that every labor is different and that some times it just takes a while, but I know perfectly well that if someone is a multip (not their first baby) and they aren't progressing they are probably going to end up with a c-section!  I also tell patients all the time that it doesn't matter how you have the baby as long as mom and baby are healthy.... I realized in that moment that it does matter!  I did not want a c-section because my 3rd baby was just hanging out enjoying her time in my tummy!  I am pretty sure that everyone who came in my room was super confused why I was crying?????  Everyone was texting and calling and I finally just said that it was going to be late and everyone should just plan on coming in the morning!

Finally at about 7:30 pm my nurse came in and checked me.  I told her I was not sure that I could handle if I hadn't changed.  Luckily I was finally 10 cm!  Scott asked me if I was excited.... I told him that I could still think of about 10 million things that could go wrong :-)  I really couldn't relax until I saw her.  Once everything was set up it was time to start pushing.  My doctor was awesome and asked Scott how involved he wanted to be?  Scott was up for anything, so the doctor let him put on sterile gloves and help deliver her. As soon as her head was visible everyone could see that she didn't just have hair, she had tons of long hair!!!  To say I was thrilled was an understatement!!!
At 8:03 PM our little Reese was born!  Scott put her up on me and I cut the cord (I figured since he got to help with the delivery it was something that I wanted to do).  Even though the labor process kind of sucked, it was my best delivery by far.  Everyone went so out of their way for me and Reese was perfect, 7 lbs. 14 oz. and 20 inches long.  I always wanted a girl and my dream had finally come true.

Dakota was so excited to come see her!!!  Bridger was a little nervous and kept hiding with his hands covering his ears every time he thought she might cry.  I had so many visitors that a couple hours after she was born I realized that Scott hadn't even held her yet!  After everyone left for the night it was just our little family and I felt so happy!!!!  So grateful for our cute new little addition.

Reese all dressed to go home on March 5th