Sunday, May 24, 2015

Park Fun

Payson Temple

This past week we went with Scott's family to Payson Temple open house. I was so excited to take the boys, but neither wanted to miss school or wear church clothes. I finally convinced Dakota that it would be fun to take Landen and go to lunch. Dakota was very intrigued with all of the gold and stained glass. It was a fun afternoon!

The boys were very quick to untuck their shirts, change and eat lunch!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Angel's Landing

For spring break we went to St George. Scott's patent live their for part of the year and my dad recently bought a house in the same neighborhood, so a lot of my family was also there. My dad's girlfriend Heather was nice enough to watch Reese so we could all go hike Angel's Landing in Zion's. That's right, we took our boys! I was ofcourse so nervous the entire time, but they did great and we all made it home alive!!!! My favorite part of the hike was when we reached the top and Dakota pulled out his kendama!!!! The best part was that there was a grown adult who had brought his as well! I guess that's just what you do on the top of Angel's Landing!