Thursday, January 28, 2010

more of Bridger

Husband Update

Last night Scott came home from work "claiming" that he thinks that he is starting to get sick.

SO ANNOYING!!!! (he always says that & i always hate it)
me: "well, are you sick or aren't you?" "what do you mean.... starting?"
scott: "I can feel it in the back of my neck."


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my fun, fun week....

This basically sums up my wasted week!!!!
I have basically gone no where & have not gotten nothing done....
due to 2 little, sick boys at my house!

Bridger got sick on Friday and is just barely seeming better today,
just in time for Dakota to feel really sick.

I am sure that the worst is yet to come because we are only days away from my biggest baby getting sick.... SCOTT.
Just in time for me to work this weekend!

Fun Times at the DUNN household!!!

(we are off to the store to get more of the white medicine (motrin).... Dakota hates the pink, which according to Dakota is Bridger's favorite!)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Running in the SNOW

This morning I called Autumn and told her to come to my house to run (normally we run in Alpine with my dad).

I had no clue that it was snowing. She assumed I knew and wanted to go anyway.... so she came.

Since she drove all the way from Orem, we decided to tough it out and run.

The results.... frozen hair, butts and legs... along with ice in our eyelashes and eye brows!!!

Blog Design Sale

Hey Everyone..... the company that I get all of my blog designs through is having a HUGE SALE, 3o% OFF ANY DESIGN!!! and it only goes until Saturday so take a look.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

more fun in the SNOW....

Park City

We planned on going to St. George this past weekend to see Scott's parents and go golfing, but because of the bad weather the trip got canceled. Since we had promised Dakota a trip, we had to follow through so off to Park City we went to a "cabin in the Mountains" a.k.a. my parents condo. As shown above.... Dakota could not be more ready for the big trip.

There was so much snow, Dakota was in heaven. We rode up to the Canyons ski resort so that Dakota could see all of the skiers and then took him to his favorite place to eat Cafe Rio, which he pronounces "CAPEE Rio". We spent the rest of the night Friday just hanging out and playing in the snow.

We ended up coming home early Saturday morning because Bridger was sick and I wanted to take him to the doctor.... so it wasn't the longest trip ever, but Dakota had so much fun and can't wait to back to "Noah's Cabin". Maybe we will even get him skiing soon.

Kangaroo Zoo

On Wednesday night we went to Kangaroo Zoo with the Morales Family and of course had a fun time filled with me and Chantell chasing the babies around and Scott and Raymond chit chatting on the coach. Bridger was still a little bit nervous about the whole thing... while Dawson was a PRO! Probably the funniest moment was when Landen came sliding down in a tight little swimsuit which he had hidden under his pants. The night ended with dinner at the Pizza Factory..... perfect for Dakota who could not get enough of "bread sticks on swords" and noodles and white sauce!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The tale of two TAGS....

It all started a long time ago when Scott took baby Dakota to be babysat by his grandmother. Like any dad, Scott forgot to take a blanket in the middle of winter, so while my mom was out she picked up a random blanket from Babies R US..... and the rest is history. Dakota has had that blanket with him ever since. It now has faded to a completely different shade of blue, is starting to tear and has multiple holes caused by campfire sparks. This blanket also has a name, "TOUCHIE". Dakota is now old enough to call it a blanket in front of people, but it will always be his touchie. Until about 6 months ago, Touchie went everywhere with us. Dakota's sunbeam teacher asked if we could just send it with him every week because he did so much better having it with him. Luckily, one day Dakota realized that "friends don't take blankets with them", but he always informs me that they have them at home.

The best part about Touchie is the TAG. Dakota loves to rub it on his nose. After almost 4 years of rubbing, the poor tag is almost gone, but it is still good enough for Dakota!!!!

Right before Bridger was born my mom got him the same blanket in a different color. Of course Bridger just loves it now and gets so excited when ever he sees it. Also not surprising at all, is the fact that he loves the tag. Every time that I hand it to him or he finds it, he immediatly shoves his two fingers into his mouth and caresses the tag (Scott refers to the practice as tag molesting).

My only fear is that they will stop making the blanket and my next child will not be blessed with a TOUCHIE.

1st outside adventure!!!

On Saturday we took Bridger outside and let him just roam around for the first time since he started walking. From the back he looks like a little toddler just running down the road.... he is so big you would never guess that he is only 12 months old. The curb at the bottom of the driveway did make him pretty nervous... and he felt the erg to get down on his hands and knees and back over the one inch drop off. Dakota loved it when Bridger would go to far down the road. He kept saying "I will go get him" and then thoroughly enjoyed informing him that he needed to turn around and come back!!!! As much as I hate the heat, it will be nice to start going outside more once Spring arrives.

Dakota & Morgan (getting along for once)

Sunday, January 17, 2010


One of my resolutions for this year was to read to Dakota and Bridger more and I have been doing pretty good.
Bridger likes to just sit and point at the pictures, but he also likes to go in his own order with the pages. Sometimes I don't feel like I am doing much. But.... today at church Bridger went over to my purse and started throwing things out like usual. He all the sudden got super excited and pulled out one of his books. It was so cute... he crawled over to a clear spot, sat down and started looking through the pages. It made me happy that a book got him excited.
Dakota, on the other hand is easy to read to except for the fact that a lot of his books are really long and complex. example: he has books about Tornadoes, Deep Ocean Fish, Spiders and Sharks. Not just the basic preschool stories. The other night me and Scott each read him a book and then I told him that he could read us a book (Scott had already fallen asleep during my book). Each page of the Shark book that Dakota read me started with "a long time ago..." and ended with a shark eating berries, a bear, a mom and dad, or a kid! It was a little bit violent but very cute.
Another resolution that I have been working on is training for the Moab half marathon in March. Yesterday me and my dad ran 8 miles!!!!! The winter weather has made it hard, but so far I think that we are on track!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Bridger's One year Stats.....

Bridger had his 1 year old appt. 2 weeks ago and I am finally getting around to posting these pics that I took during the typical long wait at the doctor's office.

SO HERE IS HOW HE DID..... compared to last year

01/19/09 (14 days old)
Weight: 9 lbs 2 oz (64.19%)
Height: 22 inches (90.15%)
Head: 14 inches (20.76%)

01/07/10 (12 months old)
Weight: 27 lbs 8 oz (96.28%)
Height: 32 inches (95.1%)
Head: 19 inches (92.91%)

at least he is proportional!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Basket Ball!

The last two weeks have been really busy for us because Dakota has had Itty Bitty Basket Ball on all of the mornings that he doesn't have school. It has completely thrown off Bridger's napping, but Dakota has enjoyed it. He started Itty Bitty sports last spring with baseball and I have to say that it was a lot easier then, when Bridger would just sleep in his car seat. Now he is constantly walking out into the little games.... and not surprisingly he is as big as some of the little 3 year olds playing. Dakota is so cute because every time he makes a basket he looks over at me. I always tell him that I saw him score, but he says that all I do is play with Bridger. Like any sport that Dakota has played, after about 40 mins. he decides that he is very tired and mostly just lays around on the court. Basketball has been fun because his good friend Asher is on his team and by the end they are both about to fall asleep.

Not sure what he is doing here

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The many EMOTIONS of Birthday Cake!

On Sunday my family came over to celebrate Bridger's birthday. He didn't even have a clue what was going on, but he did enjoy his cupcake and all the commotion. Probably his favorite toy was a car that he can ride on that my mom gave him and a push popper that Scott's mom gave him (they came over last night on his actual birthday) .
He is so spoiled, between his birthday and Christmas, his entire room is filled with toys. Dakota was a lot more excited about the day than Bridger was..... and he did really good not getting too jealous!!!

Of course his favorite thing to play with was all of the paper!!!!