Monday, October 28, 2013

Yellowstone Wolf & Grizzly Dicovery Center


 Some how we lucked out and the government got back to work the day that we got to Island Park!
So we took the boys into Yellowstone.  One thing that Yellowstone always entails is a lot of driving and a lot of buffalo!!!! This trip did not disappoint when it came to those 2 things.

While driving to Old Faithful we had a slow commute due to some buffalo and cautious drivers that weren't quite aggressive enough!

There was a lot of waiting for Old Faithful to go off and sadly I don't think that the boys were quite as impressed as the adults with the outcome.  It didn't quite live up to like volcano expectations, but I think that everyone still enjoyed it!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Island Park, ID

 This past weekend we went to Island Park with the Morales family and Matt and Autumn. 
We rented an awesome cabin that had plenty of room for everyone!
The guys went for fishing and wolf hunting....
the girls went to relax....,
and the boys went to be crazy!!!!
Mission Accomplished
It seemed like every time we turned around the boys were into something that they shouldn't be that was also boarder line dangerous :-)