Saturday, February 18, 2012


 A few weekends ago we took the boys and stayed in Park City for lots of skiing fun!!!
The first day we took the boys to Sundance and did the rope tow.
Even Bridger got in on the action.
He was super nervous at first, but was loving it by the end.

 The next day we just took Dakota to the Canyons. 
 He is getting so good and it is so much fun to watch him ski.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines!!!!

 I Love, Love, Love this holiday!!!!
I usually get the boys a stuffed (or "comfy") animal for Valentines.
This year I took them to Build a Bear and let them pick and build their own.
Dakota built Alvin the chipmunk and Bridger built Ruff the dog!

 Yesterday was Dakota's Kindergarten Party and they got to wear hats and have an etiquette lesson.  They then got to try out their skills while eating
heart shaped sandwiches and Love Potion!!!
The kids were all so cute and did great with their Thank You and No Thank You!

  Bridger was super naughty at the party and Scott had to come pick him up :(
At one point this is how he was found on the playground!

 We didn't quite have enough moms for the party
so Aunt Autumn was nice enough to come volunteer.
Dakota teacher said that she new right away that we were sisters because of our eyes....
I don't see it!
 The boys showing off all of their Valentines from school....

 These are some strawberry cookies that I saw on pinterest and tried out...
they were super easy and super yummy.

 Last night, Scott and I went out to our favorite restaurant "The Happy Sumo".
Sadly we didn't make a reservation and the Salt Lake one had a 2 hour wait and the Provo one had an hour wait and they were only seating at the bar.  We called a few other places, but decided to just go to the Provo happy Sumo and wait and sit at the bar.  Some how we totally lucked out and only had to wait about 20 minutes and were seated at a regular table!!!

 Scott me this cute Fossil purse and I got him some new basket ball shoes!!!!
Such a fun day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I just went through my phone and realized that I have the cutest pictures of this little boy,
when it is just mom and him he has some of the silliest and cutest moment.
I love all the one on one time that we get to spend together.