Monday, February 22, 2016

Jackson Hole

Last month we left Reese at home and took the boys to Jackson Hole 
for a long weekend with Bobby and Rachel!
It was one of our funnest Jackson Hole trips to date...  
We stayed in awesome little cabins right outside Teton Village.  Bobby and Rachel went skiing both days that we were there, but we decided to spend one day in town.  We took the boys to the Elk Refuge (a favorite of ours) and then tubing at the Snow King resort.  We also spent some time shopping and walking around town.  
We went skiing the next day at the Jackson Hole Resort, which is amazing!!!! I din't take any pictures, but it was one of my favorite skiing days ever.  My boys love skiing with Bobby, especially Bridger.  They just follow him all over the slopes with out any complaints.  
That night we were all so tired from a long, hard day of skiing, but Bridger insisted that we go ice skating!!!  It was fun skating right in the Jackson Hole Town Square.  They still had Christmas lights up so it was super pretty.
Such a fun trip!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Happy Birthday part 2!!!

For Bridger's "friend party" we went laser tagging at Jack and Jill's.
Bridger has so many friends of all different grades, so we ended up with a big, fun group of kids!!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy 7th to Bridger!

On January 5th this cute boy turned 7 years old!!!!
I could go on and on about how funny Bridger is....
he is the life of the party around his friends, but most adults think that he does not like them!!!
He seriously doesn't say a word to most people, but everyonce and a while, if you have some one on one time with him, he will talk your ear off and there is nothing that I love more!!!!

Bridger loves....
playing with friends,
Pizza Pie Cafe,
Costa Vida,
his baby sister (and she adores him)
taking long, long, long showers,
playing with his cousins Parks and Sloane,
his uncle Bobby,
Nerf Guns,
and Vanilla Ice Cream.

On his big day I checked him out of school and we went and got his balloons and party supplies and then took lunch over to Aunt Autumn's house.  That night we had the whole family over for Chinese Food and vanilla cake and ice cream.  His big present was a Hover Board which he wanted so, so bad and swore that he would share.  He is so cute on it and has gotten so good, but sadly, my walls and baseboards have paid the price.

Had to throw in the traditional picture of Matt and Bridger by the fireplace.  They are 20 years apart and we always celebrate their birthday's together.