Sunday, February 24, 2013


Last night we took the boys to the Rec Center for a little racquetball fun!
They loved that you just got to be crazy and hit the ball all over the place.....
We had 2 balls going in our court, and surprisingly we had no injuries.  
It definitely will have to be a repeater for the Dunn Family!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Probably T.M.I.

This might be too much information for some.....
 but somethings are just too funny and too ridiculous not to share!!!!

Last May Scott and I finally decided that we were ready to add another kid to our family.
So off to the OB I went to get my IUD removed.
(on a side note: There truly is no bigger fan of the IUD than me.  It is basically one of my best friends and I will probably take one to the grave.)

I had planned everything perfectly.... get pregnant in July, deliver in March. Obviously have a girl :-)
To my surprise, nothing happened.  Not only was I not getting pregnant (which is crazy, weird for me), I also wasn't even having a period.

After a couple months I talked to one of my OB's and he gave me a prescription for Progesterone.  "That will do the trick" he told me.  "Some people just need to give their period a jump start".  I did the full cycle of medicine and waited.  Still nothing!!!  At this point I started getting mad!!!  Now I was pushing in too a Summer time delivery.... YUCK!  I decided not to worry about it and just give my body time to get back to normal.

Through the next couple of months I went through about a hundred different emotions as everyone around me of course was getting pregnant.  I wasn't at all jealous that they were having babies.... I just couldn't figure out how every one could get pregnant so easy!  Then I just started feeling like maybe I wasn't going to have more kids (things are nice with 2 :-)  and as a bonus, I apparently would not be having a period anymore.  I started to convince myself that things weren't so bad....

But once the holidays were over I decided I really needed to address the problem.  I know a lot of people take awhile to get pregnant, but the bigger problem to me was my lack of period.  I talked to one of my doctors at work and asked if I should come in or if he just wanted to do something about it.  He said we would just do something and so he prescribed me a months worth of Estrogen followed by another round of Progesterone.  Following a  month of being super emotional and angry, and 5lbs later.... still nothing!

I then made the mistake of getting online and reading all of the blogs of women claiming they could not get pregnant following their use of the Mirena.  Of course because I have always been a big supporter, I would be the one sterilized by my IUD!

I called to make an appointment with my OB and was told they couldn't see me until almost April.  I reluctantly took the appt. Luckily I saw my doctor at work this week and he said he would just fit me in on his surgery day and do an ultra sound.... just to see what is going on in there :-)

So yesterday I went in and my doctor did an ultra sound.  He said that he could see something in my uterus and it was most likely calcification that can be totally normal.  He said he wanted to take a closer look and put in a speculum.  He got a funny look on his face.... not what you want to see when you are up in the stir ups :-)   Next thing I knew he pulled out my IUD!   There she was in all her glory, perfectly placed in my uterus!!!!

People have asked me if I was surprised, or mad?  Honestly I was so relieved!!!!  It all made perfect sense.  I do wish that I wouldn't have taken all of the medications, but I am choosing to look at the whole thing as being given the "gift of time".  I was able to do a ton of things that I would have never been able to do pregnant.  And we have some fun plans for this spring.  
I feel bad for the nurse practitioner, we were just chit chatting away and she must have just done the pap smear forgot to remove the IUD.....

Oh well, who knows when we will have another baby, but at least now we will have a fair shot!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fun in the Snow

On Martin Luther King Day we took the boys up to Park City for some tubing fun with the Finlayson's.  The last time we went Bridger was only 2 and couldn't go on very many runs, so this time was so much fun.  The boys loved it and could have gone over and over.  The best was hooking a ton of tubes together and just letting loose.  It is almost scary how fast you can get going!