Friday, September 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Point Farm

I got really brave today and took Dakota & Bridger to a movie and to the farm at Thanksgiving Point. We went and saw the 3D movie Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs. Bridger fell asleep which was so nice, but I was worried that I was going to drop him because I was falling asleep. I hate seeing the 3D version (regular wasn't playing) because the glasses are not kid size, but Dakota didn't seem to care if he wore them or not, he still sat and watched the movie.

We hadn't been to the farm in a long time and like always Dakota wasn't too intrigued by the animals, but he did like the turkey, ducks and chickens. He is getting so old, and I love that he is finally listening to me and behaving..... at least some of the time. It makes fun outing a lot easier.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The 1st day of FALL

for about the last three months, Dakota has been asking when our PUMPKINS would be orange and that day finally came.
almost every morning he wanted to go out and check, so i was so excited for him to finally see some orange ones.
the only bad part was explaining to a 3 yr. old that eventhough it was dark and the pumpkins are orange, it is still not Halloween!

I was so excited yesterday morning to wake up and feel the cold, fall weather. I even pulled out the Hot Chocolate..... which Scott thought was going a little bit ovrboard.

Bridger & Kenai
Dakota was never very interested in animals and I always worried that he was just spoiled because we have always had a dog and cat, but Bridger is obsessed with them! He follows our cat all around the house. It is fun to see how different their personalities are even as babies.

Monday, September 21, 2009

St. George

The 4 of us went to St. George this past weekend, just to hang out and relax.....
finally, no hunting!!!!!
We went swiming, hiking, shopping and watched the BYU game (so sad). Dakota loves Scott's parent's house down there and does really well with the long drive.
I love the age that he is at right now, always saying the funniest things. On the way home we sang Old McDonald and Dakota picked the animals. The song is really hard when the animals are... a shark, a bear, a spider, a worm & a tiger shark. He finally decided that a horse could be on his farm, but before the song was over the shark had eaten it!!!!
The best part of the trip was that there really wasn't anything to do, so I had no choice but to relax!!!!

Bridger loved riding in the backpack, but I am not so sure that Scott loved carring all 23 lbs of him!!!!

Dakota got this scooter for finally, finally getting 100% potty trained (seriously it took 6 months) and he has been loving it, riding everywhere we go.

Monday, September 14, 2009

An End to the Summer....

Most people would say that they are sad to see the summer end, I really, truly am not!!! I love fall and everything that comes with it, but we did do some fun stuff this summer. Scott, like usual put a lot of time into hunting. Even though the season didn't start until the middle of August, he went scouting every chance that he got. The fun thing about this summer is that Dakota was finally old enough to go with him, and they both loved every minute of it. Dakota was even there to witness when Bobby shot his first elk. Scott couldn't believe that Dakota saw "his 1st kill" at the age of 3. He just knows that Dakota is going to be a hunting addict for life.

Bridger & Miles just hanging out under the umbrella.
One awesome discovery that we made this summer was the new Highland City SPLASH PARK!! We went there multiple times, with lots of friends. It has been the best now that the weather is cooling down and all the older kids are in school!!!
Chantell and I have been friends since we were 5 and now it is so fun to see Landen and Dakota be such good friends. It is going to be interesting once Dawson and Bridger are old enough to really play. Their personalities are already so different than the older two.
Chesney (Chantell's little sis), Dakota & Landen
These 3 are seriously so cute together, I am just sure that someday Dakota and Chesney are going to get married and have the cutest blonde haired kids!
Over Labor Day weekend we went to Chantell's family's cabin in Fairview. Scott was already down in Mount Pleasant hunting, so he came and spent the day with us. Dakota was in heaven getting to run around and play all day. The boys went golfing and then everyone hung out and watched the BYU vs Oklahoma game. We all had so much fun!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


A few weeks ago we went to the Dino Museum as a family. Dakota of course had an amazing time & Scott doesn't know how I ever take the two kids anywhere.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dakota & Bridger

These pictures were taken at the end of July when Bridger was 6 months. Katie Moss took them, & like always they turned out so cute. We mostly just got shots of Bridger, but Dakota joined in on some of the action. He is finally old enough that he can be really good for pictures....just in time for Bridger to be really bad!!!!