Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bridger's 5th Birthday!!!!

 This cute little boy turned the big 5 on January 5th!!!!
He had a hard time with the fact that is birthday was on "church day", but we let him open one present in the morning before church and he seemed to survive.  It was also a fun day because Scott got to start being his primary teacher!  

After church we had the whole family over for dinner and a party!
Bridger chose Fettuccine Alfredo and Fruit Punch for the drink.
He of course had to have a Batman Party 
(which was actually super fun to have a new theme to work with).

 Even Autumn's dog Scout joined in on the fun!  
Bridger really is obsessed with her!

  Bridger is obsessed with Lego's right now and he was not disappointed!!!!  
He was spoiled to the max with legos, which kept him busy for days!

 I have been wanting to decorate Bridger's room for the past 2 years.... but finally decided that I was going to get it done for his birthday!!!  I think that it turned out really cute and Bridger seems to love playing in it.... but he still will only sleep in there if Dakota agrees to sleep with him :-)

Happy Birthday to our little Batman!!!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Dakota got to start the Scouting Program in November and has been obsessed with it!  He has the best leaders and always has so much fun with his little wolf den. His first pack meeting was last week and Dakota was able to earn his Bob Cat Badge!!!!

Snow Shoeing

Last week me and Alicia took our snow shoes and headed up AF canyon for some outdoor time!  It was so nice to be above the inversion and out in the sun. I was worried that the snow wasn't going to be great, but after some hiking we were past our knees in snow! Last year was my first time snow shoeing and it really has turned into one of my favorite activities.... Can't wait to do it again this week!

We made this arrow so we wouldn't get lost :-)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas came and went so fast this year!!!!  
And like always I was so sad when it was over.

My mom had her Christmas Eve party a few days early to accommodate Autumn and Matt, so for the first time ever... we were left to do our own Christmas Eve festivities!!!
We started by having the boys open their Snow Globes and blankets that they made for each other (that was at least the idea, but it seemed like I did most of the work :-)

Next the boys put on their new pajamas and headed to the car for our own little Polar Express ride!!!
We picked up some hot chocolate from Starbucks and then drove through the lights at Thanksgiving Point!  The boys really seemed to enjoy it and hopefully it turns into a new tradition!

Bridger fell asleep on the way home from the lights so it was left up to Dakota to set up for Santa!
He was really excited and wanted to go right to bed.  I was thrilled when Dakota was asleep by 8:30 and was quick to start putting everything out!!!! 
I had the most wonderful night envisioned in my head full of a bath and a Christmas movie in bed!  That all came to a close when Dakota caught us putting all of the presents out (pretty sure the Santa thing is over for him) and he was up for hours claiming that he couldn't go to sleep!

I swear the boys were up by 6 am going through all their stuff!  I made everyone wait until 8 before we really dug in....
Everyone seemed to think Christmas was a huge success, so I guess my mission was accomplished!!!  Can't wait for next year when we can buy a few little girl gifts... :-)

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Bridger had his Batman Lego Friend party this past Friday!!!! 

It included....
Batman Bingo,
Shooting villains with nerf guns,
Unfreezing Batman and Robin, 
A Lego building contest,
And of course cupcakes!!!!

My favorite were the cute capes my mom helped me make, all the kids seem to love them! Bridger's favorite part was of course the presents!!!! Just what he needs after Christmas.... More toys!!!! But when you are 5, can you really ever have too many????