Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ski Fun!!!!

Over Thanksgiving break, the boys all went skiing. Bridger finally really wanted to go so about half way through the day I drove him up to Park City to meet all the big boys for a few hours of skiing!

The weather was perfect for Dakota and Bridger.... I think around 50 degrees. The snow wasn't great, but I don't think the boys minded at all. Dakota loves being able to ski in a hoodie! 

Scott is such a trooper always skiing with the boys, I am pretty sure that he is ready for some solo ski time!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa 2013

I love how our Santa picture turned out this year!!!! The Santa was so great and really took time to talk to the boys. 

This year Dakota told Santa that he wants a telescope to see Jupiter... Not sure that Santa will completely be able to deliver, but he will try!

Bridger told Santa that he wants "knight legos and batman legos"!

My boys are at great ages for Christmas, they are both so excited!!! I keep thinking about how next year there will be a cute little girl in our Santa picture... Who will probably be crying her eyes out ;-). Can't wait!!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013


Dakota is always wanting to enter in the Reflections contest.  I told him this year he should try a different category... so we decided on photography.  
 One night we took my camera and his football up AF Canyon for his little photo shoot.  
He was so cute setting his football up in the pile of logs and leaves.  
We were so excited when he won the Award of Excellence, which meant he not only got a trophy, but also gets to go onto the district to compete!!!  
He keeps telling everyone that his picture went to a museum :-)
Way to go Dakota!!!!


Family Pictures 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

Yellowstone Wolf & Grizzly Dicovery Center


 Some how we lucked out and the government got back to work the day that we got to Island Park!
So we took the boys into Yellowstone.  One thing that Yellowstone always entails is a lot of driving and a lot of buffalo!!!! This trip did not disappoint when it came to those 2 things.

While driving to Old Faithful we had a slow commute due to some buffalo and cautious drivers that weren't quite aggressive enough!

There was a lot of waiting for Old Faithful to go off and sadly I don't think that the boys were quite as impressed as the adults with the outcome.  It didn't quite live up to like volcano expectations, but I think that everyone still enjoyed it!