Monday, January 19, 2015

Chantell's Baby Shower!!!

Little Hudson or Everett is on his way in just 2 weeks so last week I had a surprise baby shower for Chantell!!!  Well, sort of a surprise... I decided to be nice and let her know about it a little in advance by sending her an invite in the mail.  We had a great turnout and she got so many cute gifts!
One of the best things was that I never started crying or swearing getting ready for the shower.  I have to admit that I was just about to when hot chocolate was boiling over everywhere 30 mins before the shower, but Alicia came in at the perfect moment and was able to help me pull it all together!!!
Now the count down begins to when the little guy will decide to make is grand arrival!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Toilet Paper

Little miss Reese discovered toilet paper and literally would eat a whole role if I let her.... It is hard not to when it makes her so happy, but she threw up a little bit of toilet paper after, so I guess the bathroom doors will be staying shut! 

Christmas 2014

For some reason we had almost zero snow until Christmas Day, and there was nothing more beautiful than waking up to piles of snow Christmas morning! 

We started Christmas Eve off with a big breakfast at our house with my family. We also did our sibling gift exchange and presents for my mom and dad. Then we headed off to see the movie "Night at the Meuseum 2". We have been going to the movies on Christmas Eve ever since I was little and it is a fun tradition!

The rest of the night was just our little family. We opened pajamas and then got Starbucks hot chocolate and drove through the lights at Thanksgiving Point. The boys loved their pajamas and seriously wore them for 2 days strait! We finished the night with fettuccine Alfredo and relaxing. The boys actually went to be pretty easy and we were able to have all of the presents out by 10!

This was my year to work Christmas Day, so the plan was to wake the kids up at 5 and open presents. But I was so so lucky and got to stay home oncall for the whole day. I was so grateful and the day was so relaxing! 

Dakota's big gifts:
Custom Penny Skate Board
Minecraft Lego
Bow and Arrows 

Penny Skate Board
Big Kingdom Lego
Skylanders Trap Team

Fisher Price Castle and Princesses
Blabla doll Mermaid

Some how I only got one picture of Reese, but as expected she really didn't seem to care about her first Christmas... But I still had fun buying girl things!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Stockings for Mexico

Our friends the Finlaysons go to Mexico every year for Christmas to help build homes for families there in need. Alicia also takes on the huge project of doing 100 stockings for the children in 2 wards. For a lot of these children, this is all that they receive for Christmas. 

This year I helped collect items with the help of mine and Scott's family. We also got to help put the stockings together, which was such a great experience for my boys. Alicia had everything organized so the boys could pick a stocking with a little boys name and age and pick items out for each individual child. Such a great opportunity for service!!!

Christmas Break Fun!

It is hard staying busy through the 2 week Christmas break... But somehow we have found away! Thanks to finally getting some snow, the boys have spent a huge amount of time outside sledding on the massive hills behind our house. Hills so big that my 16 year old brother could only do it once before chicken ing out! 

We also took friends over to Thanksgiving Point to check out the Reindeer, have lunch and at at the Meuseum of Natural Curiosity!