Monday, November 26, 2012


 Over the weekend we went and stayed at my family's condo in Park City.
Dakota was so excited to get to go skiing for his birthday.

It was perfect weather for taking little kids... almost too warm!!!
 Although the snow wasn't the greatest, we still had fun.

I have loved skiing so much more since Dakota started last year!
He is getting so good and can go on most runs.
Bridger is slowly getting the hang of it, but tires out pretty quick.
He was so funny, he refused to put his hands on his knees
and insisted on keeping his arms strait out the entire time.

Bridger and I left early and went a hung out at Starbucks.....
This year I am in love with their Carmel Apple Spice!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Red vs. Blue

A few days ago Dakota brought home a flyer about the election, which they have been learning about at school.  On the front was a picture of President Obama and one of Mitt Romney.  Obama's face was circled and Romney's face had a big X through it.  I asked Dakota why he chose President Obama???
He informed me that he likes BLUE, which was the color around Obama. 

Last night while I was watching the election returns, Dakota asked me which team I wanted to win, red or blue?  I told him I was rooting for the RED.  He said that he wanted the red team to win also.  
Bridger announced that he liked the blue team.  
Dakota then informed him that the Blue Team wants to take all of your money!!!! :-)
That was enough to change Bridger's vote.

This morning Dakota asked me which team won?  I told him that Mitt Romney had lost :-(
I told him it was okay and that the person who won was a great person too.
Dakota got excited and yelled.... YEA!!!!

If only I could share in his excitement....
This year I have been hard core, obsessed with the election.  Last night when CNN projected President Obama the winner, I felt physically ill!!! Not so much because I hate Obama, I just love Mitt Romey.

There are very few things that I dislike more than loosing....
But Sore Losers are definitely one of them!
Time to move on and try to learn from Dakota, YEA!!!!!

Loved, loved this picture

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Fun

 Another successful Halloween completed!!!
We were so lucky this year and had perfect weather.
Even though I miss Trunk or Treating in our old ward I do love the house to house Trick or Treating in our new neighborhood.  It reminds me of Halloween when I was little.

Dakota was so excited and could have stayed out for hours,
 literally sprinting from house to house.
Bridger was so cute and tried his best to keep up with the big kids, but after about an hour he informed me that he was tired and ready to head home and help give out candy.

 My mom's Annual Halloween Party

 The Haunted Chair Lift at Sundance

 Halloween fun at the Riverwoods

Halloween 1/2

 For the 3rd year in a row, we ran the Halloween half marathon!!!
It is one of my favorite races because it is cold and down hill.
This year they through in a twist by having the race start 2 miles lower than normal and then adding a 2 mile out and back up the canyon..... I was less than pleased.
Maggie and Alicia ran with us, and best of all Alicia's husband drove us to the top.... allowing us to stay warm until it was time to start.  
Everyone had great finishing times and had lots of FUN!