Monday, April 4, 2016

2nd Birthday Party

On March 3rd Reese turned 2 years old!!!
We flew home from Hawaii on the morning of her birthday so we really didn't celebrate until the next day, but we did take her to Puppy Barn.... mostly because I wanted to hold all of the puppies.

The next morning Reese got to start off her special day with play group at our house.  She has 3 cute little friends that she plays with once a week.  Reese is very social and gets so excited to play!!!  I think that she was still getting over her mom and Dad being gone for a week because she didn't want me to give anyone else any attention.  At one point I had to change on girls diaper and Reese layer on the floor bawling until i changed her diaper!  

Next we went and got a little birthday mani/ pedi.  For a 2 year old, she did awesome.  The poor guy doing it was an obvious perfectionist and every time he would finish, she would wiggle her little toes and then he would remove all of the polish and start over!  After that we went an got her balloons and cake.

She had a Doc Mcstuffins birthday.... mostly because I thought it was cuter than Peppa Pig (her favorite show).  We had so many fiends and family over that spoiled Reese rotten.  The whole thing seemed very overwhelming and she cried through the cake and candles, but she loved opening presents and wanted to play with each one before opening the next.  I think her favorites were her new bike and her Doc Mcstuffins Dr kit!