Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Aspen, CO

For our Anniversary this year (the big 11!) we went to Aspen.  Scott wanted to go there because he had a hunting tag for later in the month and wanted to scout things out and I wanted to go because the 
US Pro Challenge bike race was going on in Colorado.  So it was win, win for everyone.

The week before going, Scott came down with pneumonia.... like the real chest x-ray, fluid in lungs kind....  so our trip was pretty mellow, but we still made the most of it!!!

Aspen was gorgeous!!!!  There were huge green pine trees everywhere.  We stayed at a ski resort just outside of town called Snow Mass at an amazing hotel.  My favorite part of the trip was riding the gondola up and down hill mountain biking.  I was super nervous, especially when I saw people heading up with full body armor, but I only crashed a couple of times and it was super fun!

For someone who lives and breaths professional cycling there is nothing better than seeing some of the riders from the Tour De France up close.  
We were horrible with timing things and completely missed the end of the race one day, but I felt like it was a good practice for some day when we go to France ;-)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

End of Summer/ 1st day of School

Summer flew by this year and to end things with a bang we decided to have an end of summer party!!
I rented a bounce slide and then let each boy have 2 hours with their friends. 
Surprisingly, Bridger's group of friends got bored of our awesome Wild Rapids and the 2 hours dragged on forever.  We filled the time with water baloons and side walk chalk.
Dakota's friends spent the entire 2 hours on the slide until the minute the company came to pick up the slide!!!!  Everyone seemed to have a fun time and I think we will have to make it a tradition.

Dakota started 4th grade this year!

Bridger started 1st!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Jr Triathlon

Over the summer the boys participated in a Jr. triathlon at Ivory Ridge.  Dakota took the whole thing very serious!!!  He trained by either running over biking every morning for a week :-).  We even got him special laces so he would be able to slip his shoes right on and not waste time with laces.  

Bridger on the other hand was very nervous and wasn't sure that he even wanted to do it, but with some convincing, he was in! It was pure chaos with so many little kids running around and somehow Bridger got lost during the bike portion and I am pretty sure he never ran (even though he swears other wise).  Plus during all of the craziness, Autumn stole some kids bike accidentally thinking it was Dakota's, causing some random mom to have a panic attack!!!!  

But, the boys did great and I loved seeing them compete!!!!!