Monday, July 21, 2014


 Dakota started playing Lacrosse this summer and the whole family has enjoyed it.... probably more than Dakota :-)  I have never really watched a Lacrosse game before and I have been so surprised how crazy it is!  They basically just give them a helmet, shoulder pads and a stick and just let them go crazy!!!!  I really hope Dakota wants to continue with this sport!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Dakota made a list of activities he wanted to do this summer and California was at the top of his list! Scott was not up for theme parks, but I was able to convince him to do a beach trip. 

I really like Carlsbad and was able to find a good deal on a little resort right on the beach. There were resturaunts all around it so once we parked our car, we never had to use it again. We literally spent 3 days doing nothing but the beach. It was so relaxing and to my surprise the boys never asked about Lego Land. Reese ofcourse was a little angel with all of the driving. Dakota on the other hand wanted to stop constantly to pee and finally had to start using bottles!

The first night we stayed in St. George. We ate dinner at a BBQ joint in Cedar City that Scott's neice owns, called Sonny Boys. Super yummy!!!!

The Carlsbad Inn by the Sea...

My view the first evening we got there,

Dakota loved Boogie Boarding and wanted to do it all day!

We had to make a trip to the Strawberry fields,

We drove the whole way home, but we stop in Las Vegas to eat a Buddy V's. Dakota loves Cake Boss and was so excited to go to Carlos Bakery, but the line was insanely long so he decided that we should come right when it opens next time.

Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July!!!!

We started the 4th off with a hike up the timp trail. The boys slept at my mom's so it was just the 2 of us and Reese. It was super hot, so I was glad we didn't have the boys, but we had a great time and Reese was as happy as can be!

The little snack, followed by a nice nap!

We have been frequent flyers at the shaved ice place Lucky's that is not far from our house.

We ended the night with fireworks at our house. The boys were lighting them so quick, the night was over in no time!
Happy 4th of July!