Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Family Pictures

We got these pictures taken a couple months ago, but I have been waiting for my new blog design to display them. I have always struggled when it comes to anything but the basics of blogging so I was so excited to find out that one of my friends from our ward designs blog pages. There is a link on page to her company Designer Blogs.... she was so great to work with and it was super fast. Thanks Erin for the new design!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dakota's attempt at Dancing

After 18 months of having my camera, last night I noticed that there is a microphone on it. I told Scott that I think that the camera can do video too and he said that it could. Thanks for the info Scott!!!! Expect many more videos to come.....

Primary Program

How handsome is this little boy?????
Sunday was Dakota's 1st primary program, so I of course had to get him a new church outfit.
Scott's parents and my whole family came for his big 3 liner "HOUSE OF GOD"!!!
He got up to the stand and said it perfectly. If I was ever going to get emotional it would have been then...... I was so so proud!!!
For some reason after that he decided that he wanted his mom, and wanted to go home, but he made it to his part and that was all that mattered!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Big 25

Today was my 25th Birthday,
a quarter of a century..... that is crazy.
It seems like with Scott's hunting and my work, the whole family is never home on Saturdays so it was so nice to be home for a change. To start out the day I got up, went to the gym, got my nails done and then came home to breakfast and Dear Lizzie Cup Cakes (my absolute favorite). Scott did such a good job for someone that doesn't really care about birthdays.... the complete oposite of me. We then went to maggie's halloween party and had tons of fun. The night ended with me and Scott going up the canyon with hot chocolate and just hanging out by a fire. Scott was surprised by my request for my birthday night, but I told him that the best present ever was to have some quiet time.
The day was awesome!!!!!
Scott and Dakota made me Moose german pancakes
Scott got me this coat and scarf which I loved!!!

Dakota the shark, on his way to the halloween party

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a tribute to BRIDGER

As bad as it sounds, until the last little while it has always been Dakota and the baby. I know I am a horrible mom, but I just don't get that excited about babies. I was thinking about it today.... and in the last month or so, Bridger's personality has really come out and he is totally different than I thought that he was going to be. As a baby I thought that his personality was going to be more mellow compared to Dakota's, but I am starting to realize that he is my SILLY boy. He has the funniest laugh (one of our neighbor thinks that it is just like Scott's) and always has a big smile if given the smallest amount of attention.
So here is a little bit about BRIDGER......

crawls every where and can be heard from a mile away since he has massive hands.

walks when holding on to things and can stand for a few seconds with out holding on to anything.

doesn't cry very much, but whines constantly.

weighs 24lbs. 14 oz (huge, I know).

eats anything and everything.

loves to play in the toilet and eat toilet paper.

loves our cat and dog.

is impossible to change.

takes a binky, but prefers his fingers when no one is looking.

sleeps on his stomach (which still freaks me out eventhough I know he is old enough).

loves his big brother and follows him everywhere.

loves books.

has two bottom teeth.

has the wold's biggest smile when you go in to get him in the morning.

here are some fun picutres from the last couple of months.....

Had to show off his super cute room

We love you Bridger!!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Island Park

This past weekend we went and stayed in Island Park, ID. Scott's parents have a cabin and we go every year, but this year we brought Chantell, Raymond and their boys with us.
The trip started on thursday with the long drive. Lucky for us, Dakota had major bowel issues and we had to stop constantly so that he could run in and use the bathroom. I had to ride in the back seat the whole way so that I could rub his tummy. Magically when we stopped at Bear World he felt just fine until we got in the car again. Luckily he didn't have any other problems on the trip and no one else got sick.
The rest of the trip was busy with the boys going fishing, going to Yellowstone Park, going to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone and just hanging out at the cabin. It got pretty crazy with 4 kids running around. Every night we said that we were going to stay up and watch grown up movies after the kids went to bed, but usually Landen and Dakota were the last ones awake.
The trip sadly came to an end on Sunday. Ray, Chantell and their fam left in the morning and we spent a couple hours just hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa Dunn before the long drive home. Luckily Dakota slept the whole way home and decided that it would just be easier to pee his pants than to tell us to stop.... that helped make the ride home quicker than the ride there.
Thanks Morales family for coming and making the trip such a blast.
"Old Faithful" in yellowstone


This picture is from the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone. This bear was HUGE!!!!

This is a FULL SIZE PLATE...... best hamburger in the world!!!!! we just have to get one everytime we go to island park.

Bear World was awesome..... we got to drive around through an open area of bears just roaming around. Dakota was so excited because we had a box of fruit roll-ups in the back of the truck, and he was sure that the bears would climb in after the red ones (strawberry, his favorite). The white elk was really cool too.

The deer were not at all afraid, Dakota even went and sat on one with no reaction from the deer.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

October Fun

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been to both cORNBELLY'S with Chantell, Landen and Dawon & to hEE hAWS with my family. Both were tons of fun!!!!

Dakota liked this SNAKE on his face for about 30 mins and then I had to threaten him to keep him from rubbing it off on his clothes.