Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patricks Day

                                  Dakota has been so obsessed with St. Patrick's Day this year,
more specifically with Leprechauns!!!

It started a few days ago when he told me that
he was going to set a trap and catch a Leprechaun. 
He also went on to inform he that Leprechauns are both "Sneaky and Liars"! 
When I asked him what they lie about it, he told me
"they say that they will give you their money, but if you let them go they will lie." :-)

So all week Dakota has been setting up traps.  I thought that it was so cute that I went out and got some chocolate gold coins to leave in his trap.  He was so excited, but immediately reset that trap and waited for more chocolate coins.

                                                 Dakota also spent time making this poster
                                                that he took to school to give to his teacher.
                                                         I worked on St. Patrick's Day,
                                         but the night before I set out gold coins, lucky charms
                                        and made little green footprints going across the counter.

                                                  I thought that Dakota would be so excited,
                                       but he immediately informed me that he thought is was me.
                                                  Apparently you can trap a Leprechaun,
                                                but they don't just leave you gold for free...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hawaii, part 4

My favorite day of the trip was spent kaiaking up a river and then hiking to a beautiful waterfall.
We had so much fun and the area that we hiked through was so pretty.
I loved how green everything was and all of the trees and vines.

                                                  this is my favorite picture of the entire trip....
Chantell crossing the the river, and me dying laughing!!!

                                                serious engagement pictures going on here...

                                                        ..... and of course, more eating!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hawaii, part 3

 My favorite beach was Poipu Beach.
We spent a whole day there just laying out, snorkeling and we tried paddle boarding!
I really wanted to try it and Scott thought it would be fun to do together.
But it ended up being harder than I thought with the waves of the ocean
(these pictures do not do them justice), 
and I am not very much fun when I am frustrated  :-(   
Needless to say,
 I don't think that it was the romantic adventure that Scott had hoped for.
But it is definitely something that I want to try again!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hawaii, part 2

One of the best parts of Kauai is the Na Pali Coast.
It is so pretty!!! It is amazing seeing the green trees and mountains meet the ocean.

We spent two different days exploring the coast.
On one day we went out on "Captain Andy's" catamaran tour.  The boat went up the Na Pali coast giving us a great view of the island, plus we were also able to see a bunch of humpback whales along with dolphins and a seal.  We were really lucky because February is the peak of whale season in Hawaii.
The boat also stopped for us to do some snorkeling....

On a different day we did an awesome four mile hike along the coast.
The rest of the day we spent sunbathing and of course
 the boys continued their spear fishing quest....